Ever since I founded The Finishing Touch NYC in 2016, my heart and soul have been invested in redefining the cleaning industry in the heart of bustling New York City.

As the driving force behind this endeavor, I’ve made it my mission to not only clean spaces but to add that final touch of perfection that transforms environments into pristine sanctuaries. Thus, The Finishing Touch NYC.

**A Dream Realized**

Creating The Finishing Touch NYC was born out of a simple yet powerful idea: to provide a level of cleanliness that goes beyond the surface. I envisioned a service that could take any space, whether commercial or residential and make it shine with a level of detail that truly completes it. Having grown up in this city, I understood the unique demands and challenges it presented, and I was determined to offer a solution that met those needs head-on.


**A Diverse Range of Services**

One of the cornerstones of The Finishing Touch NYC’s success lies in the array of comprehensive cleaning services we provide. While our specialization lies in-office cleanings, we’ve expanded our expertise to cover a wide spectrum of needs. From post-construction cleanups that remove the aftermath of building endeavors to move-in and move-out cleanings that ensure a fresh start for homeowners and tenants, our team is there every step of the way.

Commercial spaces, from retail outlets to entertainment venues, have entrusted us with creating an immaculate environment that speaks volumes about their professionalism. Janitorial services are a daily commitment for us, as we understand the significance of maintaining a space’s hygiene and aesthetics on a consistent basis.

On the residential front, we approach each home as a canvas waiting for the final brushstroke. We aim not just to clean but to create an atmosphere that resonates with warmth and comfort. The name “The Finishing Touch” truly encapsulates our goal – to be that final step in making spaces complete.


**Pioneering Quality and Professionalism**

Our commitment to quality and professionalism is unwavering. Every member of our team is extensively trained to tackle various cleaning challenges with finesse and expertise. Armed with the latest tools and techniques, we take pride in our ability to handle everything from stubborn stains to delicate surfaces.

Our dedication to professionalism extends to our approach to client relations. Our physical address, 1239 Broadway Suite 402 NYC NY 10001, serves as a testament to our accessibility. You can always reach out to us directly at 917-905-7190 for inquiries or appointments. Modern communication is key, which is why we encourage clients to contact us via email at [email protected] for quick and efficient communication.

**Embracing the Future**

 As I look ahead with The Finishing Touch NYC, I’m determined to uphold our founding principles while also embracing innovation. Sustainability is a core value for us, and we’re committed to incorporating eco-friendly cleaning practices that make a positive impact on the environment.

In the city that never sleeps, The Finishing Touch NYC stands as a symbol of cleanliness and perfection. Under my guidance, this venture has grown to become more than just a cleaning service. It’s a reflection of a commitment to excellence that touches every corner of the spaces we clean.

In conclusion, The Finishing Touch NYC is not just a business; it’s my passion and purpose. My journey with this endeavor has been about adding that final, impeccable touch to spaces that deserve it. As we move forward, I’m excited to continue redefining what it means to provide cleaning services in this vibrant city, always striving to leave behind a trail of perfection in every place we touch.

Sherane Dickens

The Finishing Touch NYC

Where the difference is in the details

1239 Broadway Suite 402

NYC NY 10001


[email protected]

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