Article Submission Guidelines

You can write articles regarding topics that are related to the products or services that you offer. You can write some tips or share your experience as a business owner, getting into the details of how you started, the first success your business had, etc. You can highlight the achievements you’ve had as a business owner (or the achievements of your business), along with all of the fantastic details about you and your business.  

Content Specification

Length: The article you’ll be posting must have 600 to 1000 words in English. Images: You can insert and use high quality photos to your post (but we do recommend using images that are 500KB or below). Don’t forget to cite the image sources for images you don’t own. Required Keyword: The word “Businest” must be found in the article at least once. Acceptable Links: You can put 2 – 3 links that directs readers to your social media accounts or website. Unacceptable Links: You can’t use links from other digital marketing websites.   Approved articles can be found on the “Magazine” section. We will be featuring 5 articles daily. The first ones to submit their articles will have a higher chance of getting their articles published. Submitted and posted articles can be shared to any social media platform.
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