So you’ve recently moved into your new home. You love the interior but abhor the exterior of the property. And now, you’re looking to upgrade the outdoor design, starting with the flatwork. What construction material should you choose? Brick? Flagstone? Asphalt? Cobblestone? Or Pavers? Any option is right, but professionals like Guy Blank Concrete LLC prefer to work with concrete flatwork among other materials. Most homeowners wouldn’t even think of using concrete for flatwork thinking it lacks elegance and innovation . However, with its chameleon-like quality, decorative finishes, and ability to take on a wide array of color and shape, you might consider giving concrete a chance.

With that said, below are more reasons to choose concrete flatwork for your exterior upgrades.

Nothing Can Beat Its Versatility

Most of the world’s ubiquitous man-made structures—bridges, skyscrapers, houses, highways—are testament to the versatility of the commonly used construction material on Earth: concrete. Concrete has proven its value and flexibility time after time. While it can be strong and functional when hardened, concrete’s plasticity when freshly mixed lets it shape to whatever form, shape, color, surface, and texture one can imagine, according to Guy Blank Concrete LLC. With concrete stains, dyes, and shaping, concrete flatworks can look like almost any material allowing it to compete aesthetically. Flatworks made of concrete offers limitless design possibilities. Concrete’s undoubted versatility has been a gift for homeowners and construction firms over the years.

Low Carbon Footprint

Choosing concrete flatwork means you are opting for a material with less environmental impact. Concrete is a low carbon, locally, and responsibly sourced material highly used for its energy efficiency and complete recyclability. If compared with steel and cobblestone, concrete requires less energy to produce. Thus it has greater chance of lowering fuel consumption and carbon emissions and toxic gases into the atmosphere. Concrete is an ideal material for adaptive reuse. It is reused through pulverization to still form concrete, contributing to the good of the environment. Additionally, concrete’s light color reduces the heat-island effect that lowers cooling requirements.


Thanks to their durability, resilience, and low maintenance requirements, concrete flatwork reduces operating costs. Even if you’re looking for more decorative and elaborate effects, the costs of concrete flatwork is reasonable. Guy Blank Concrete LLC’s work on concrete pavements are also cost-effective on a first cost and lifecycle cost basis. Other than being cost-efficient, concrete can be sourced and produced locally. This means less transportation and outsourcing, giving way to support the local companies and economy.

Unparalleled Durability and Longevity

Concrete is one of the strongest material in the construction industry. It highly durable, fire-resistant, and when done by professionals like Guy Blank Concrete, concrete flatwork can last up to 30 years without the need for repairs. It does not wear as easy as brick or asphalt nor does it burn, rust, or rot. The rate at which concrete expands and contracts is almost equal to steel. Concrete flatwork is known for its ability to withstand fire, wind, water, earthquakes, and even from extreme weather events. Moreover, it’s ideal for driveways and garages since it can support heavy loads of vehicles. Concrete flatworks continue to prove it’s the most resilient among other alternatives.

To conclude, opting for concrete flatwork increases home value. High-quality flatwork enhances your curb’s aesthetic and ensures a safety home. Concrete flatwork will make your exterior dreams come true. So if you’re on the lookout for high-impact, low maintenance, and works well with various home styles, concrete flatwork is the way to go. Should you need the services of professional for your Concrete flatwork in Sarasota, FL, don’t hesitate to contract Guy Blank Concrete LLC today. Concrete design is Guy Blank Concrete LLC’s specialization. You won’t regret acquiring their services.

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