My name is Suzye, and my business is Suzye’s Spotless Specialties.

Suzye’s Spotless Specialties have been transforming homes in Alaska for five years and other areas for 42 total years. We specialize in deep cleans and move-outs; we clean what you want to be cleaned. It’s your money and should be spent where it best suits you. We don’t cut corners; we clean them! We come in a “JIFFY” and leave your home “SPIFFY!”

We bring out the toothbrushes and get the corners. We clean the tops of the cabinets, inside and outside of the fridge, inside and outside of the oven. We clean out the toasters and microwave. We do the insides of windows, tracks, and frames. We clean doorknobs, doors, and doorframes. We do the baseboard and spot-check the walls. We clean behind the toilet, tops of and enclosures for showers/bathtubs, entire vanity, and mirrors, as well as the light fixtures and fan in the bathroom.

We also do some “Hoarder” homes. We call them “JOY” homes as we are helping put the joy back in people’s lives, and it’s much less judgmental. We understand life gets in the way of cleaning. I even have my team clean my house because I don’t have time (even when I do have time, I don’t want to!) We do trash outs and dump runs as well as junk removal for evictions or foreclosures. This also includes anything left behind you would like removed.

We are family-oriented and understand if you are home or have children at home while we are there. We are pet-friendly. We love “honey do” lists, so we can prioritize what you want to be done first. We understand the budget and are happy to stay within your budget and do all we can in the allotted time. If you have a huge project and need to break it up into smaller projects to be affordable, we can do that, too.

I started my business with my grandmother when I was 13 (1981). I have kept her values and worked with everyone to ensure they get what they need.  We carry Safety Data Sheets with us, so we have them handy if you need more information on any of our products. All our products are septic-safe and non-toxic. We care about our environment! 

We wear booties over our shoes and masks if you want us to. We have MANY references, and they are happy to answer questions. {Of course, I asked them first.}  We are always happy to answer questions. We believe “the only dumb question is the one you didn’t ask. We can be reached at 907-414-6718. Find us on Facebook, Google, YELP, and you can Check out our website @

Shoot us an Email @ [email protected] 

We will get you right on schedule.


NO JOB TOO BIG, no job too small, WE CAN DO IT ALL!!!

Ceiling to floor cleaners, yes, we do get that fan in the bathroom!

Licensed, bonded, and insured.

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