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TwoFeld Tech LLC provides consultancy, recommendations, and IT network upgrade services in Northeast Ohio to satisfy every client’s information technology needs and concerns.

TwoFeld Tech LLC offers nothing but the best IT network upgrade services in Northeast Ohio and more.

They provide tailored options for clients to consider that offer the most effective results and are feasible with client demands.

The company ethos has always focused on the customer, meaning that clearness and conciseness are always the motivation so clients won’t be hoodwinked by fanciful jargon and simple technicalities in client interactions.

Beyond IT consultancy and remedies, TwoFeld Tech LLC also provides cloud and diagnostic services and the necessary planning, training, and documentation.

For all IT-related needs, TwoFeld Tech LLC has got your back.

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What an Updated IT Network Provides a Business

For business owners worldwide, current trends regarding technology and the internet are quickly making it so that the refusal to take advantage results in adverse outcomes, such as revenue loss, file management, and lowered marketability.

Information Technology networks are crucial for businesses nowadays because they offer telecommunication solutions.

Networking, a branch of information technology, is specifically concerned with constructing, utilizing, and maintaining computer networks.

With the increasing dominance of computer systems in telecommunications and data sharing, services that deal with networking are becoming equally important.

Here are some benefits networking offers businesses:

  • Accessibility: Meeting the global demands for availability and ease with computer use, every employee can now use a computing device, whether a desktop computer or a laptop.
  • Maneuverability: With how compact devices are becoming and how the internet is more widespread, businesses don’t have to worry about sustained paralysis during times of disaster since remote setups are easier to establish.
  • Connectivity: Now, companies can freely conduct long-distance conferences, data exchanges, and faster asynchronous communications because of computers and the internet without needing physical travel.

Although these benefits are taken for granted because of their ubiquity, everyday improvements and advancements are made. With the ever-shifting landscape of telecommunications, there is a necessity for keeping up and staying in shape.

When the Need for an Updated IT Network Arises

For Businesses working on older hardware, it’s high time to get an updated IT network. The older networks get, the more vulnerable they are to security breaches, operational errors, and connection lag.

Here are some reasons an upgrade might be necessary:

  • Inconsistent Productivity

Most older networks can’t keep up with modern-day demands, resulting in lowered or inhibited productivity. Newer technologies (e.g., mobile solutions, cloud-based software) provide a broader area for work and quicker speeds–even a simple upgrade can lead to increased productivity.

  • Maintenance Is Taking Up Time

Older networks cannot sufficiently sustain newer technologies, resulting in added strain and maintenance demands–this significantly impedes any momentum for progress, considering that maintaining the networks takes the lion’s share of work.

  • Crashes Frequency Increases

Using better systems and applications might bring more possibilities. Still, its application on older systems will result in more system crashes and operational errors–that, at best, needs data migration but, at worst, will delete large chunks of company data.

Why A Business Should Have Dedicated IT Services

Data is vital for any company that aims to succeed, and how they deal with that can mean slight setbacks or outright failure.

An IT support team, with an updated IT network, provides mainly security so that company data is safely stored and access is limited only to those granted permission.

With such a crucial role, here are some qualities a good IT support team should have:

  • Keen Attention to Detail: Patience is crucial to solving computer problems; sometimes, the issues are something else, so a detail-oriented team is needed to get to the root efficiently and swiftly.
  • Direct Communication Skills: Although computers are popular, the technicalities behind them are not, so a team should be able to deliver solutions and describe problems in plain English.
  • Flexibility and Discipline: Issues often arise outside working hours, requiring a team that can work anytime and anywhere to remedy the problem quickly while being proactive enough to reconsider priorities.

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