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Since its introduction to the world stage in 1985, Windows has been a staple in the computer industry and several others, such as banking, entertainment, etc. But for the average person, Windows is their operating system of choice, with 1.4 billion active devices running its recent versions. Of course, a baffling degree of popularity can entail a better system. Perhaps due to the vast number of users, Windows still has issues—problems the average user may encounter daily. One of the most annoying of these is when Windows Update constantly malfunctions, preventing users from moving forward and updating the system.

Keeping up to date and getting the most recent updates to an operating system is of paramount importance if one wants to continue using a computer. Microsoft pumps out updates almost every two months, either fixing issues, rolling out new or discarded features, or optimizing computer functionality. Users can patch up security breaches by updating the operating system, and the chances of viruses, exploitation, and cyberattacks are stymied. Updates also help computers run smoother.

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Why Do Systems Software Fail?

There are plenty of ways why Windows Update might meet with an error but based on reports and complaints from users, here are the most common:

  • Software glitches or bugs. If there is a problem with how Windows Update works, there is probably an issue with the program itself. Solutions include restarting the computer, reinstalling the program, and searching for alternate methods of updating Windows.
  • Faulty system files. System files ensure the whole system is functioning correctly, meaning that deleting files you think have no use is inadvisable and may result in the operating system malfunctioning for good. It may also be a result of corruption. Solutions include using the restore feature or downloading proper security software.
  • Obsolete software. Drivers are files that command how hardware functions by communicating with the operating system. Most auxiliary devices, like printers, speakers, and keyboards, require drivers.

So, Why Are Keeping Up with Updates Necessary?

Software updates keep all internet-adjacent devices from breaking down the first time they connect online. However, exaggerated examples of security breaches, identity theft, and fraudulent wire transfers likely occur because of outdated software.

Here are some reasons why one should be keeping up with their operating system updates:

  • Acquire a better-protected computer system. Cyber-security has become a prominent concern over recent years, primarily because the widespread use of the internet and the advancements of technology have allowed the general populace access to personal computers—and, more importantly, the internet. This upward trend has resulted in more sophisticated and harder-to-detect malware programs, enabling hackers better control computer systems and faster methods of stealing personal information. Networks are especially vulnerable to cyber-security concerns, not sparing cellphones, tablets, laptops, and other internet-reliant devices.
  • Get access to new or advanced features. Some updates include adding new features because of the latest directions or removing old ones because of now antiquated foundations. Due to the shifting landscape of tech and communications, updates can be an indirect way of keeping up with recent trends in these fields.
  • Obtain increased and smoother performance. Operating systems are not complete products when bought, or, at the least, they are as complete as they can be. Because of progressive maintenance and review, unforeseen flaws and weaknesses are bound to be detected, necessitating fixes and patches, and so on.

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