An excellent knife sharpener and honer bring out the best features of your cutting tools and extend their lifespan.



Whether you are a professional chef, someone who loves to stay in the kitchen, or a professional hunter, you need to maintain sharp blades for cutting and preparing food. To ensure that, an excellent knife sharpener and honer should be part of your tools collection. Today, we are going to show you the features of a superb knife sharpener and honer.



It Can Produce Sharp Edges



Of course, it should be. That is the first and foremost characteristic of an excellent knife sharpener and honer. Unfortunately, as cliche as it may sound, not all knife sharpeners and honers are created equal. Some use whetstones; others use manual pull-through sharpeners. There those who go with rod steels while some rely on electric sharpeners. Whatever you choose, make sure that your sharpening tools do the job and not just make the blade thinner to make it look sharp. Shredding is different from sharpening and honing.



It’s Designed to Last Longer



A good sharpener and honer should outlast your kitchen knives and other cutting tools. It should be able to sharpen dull and serrated knives for many years. In our book, the most outstanding sharpeners and honers will last more than a decade of renewing your kitchen and utility blades. If you can find a knife sharpener and honer designed to be virtually indestructible and will last a lifetime like LeBeau’s Honer, then you have landed a rare and valuable kitchen gem. Whetstones break, electric sharpeners fail, and even the most expensive steel rods get rusted.



Adjustable Angle and Flexible



For professional chefs, kitchen lovers, and foodies, this is an essential feature in knife sharpeners. A great sharpener should allow an inexperienced user to hold the knife’s blade at a correct angle. If you can hold the blade at a 15 and 20-degree angle, you can get an optimal result. The adjustable angle features enable a 20-degree angle ideal for European knives and a 15-degree angle, which is best for Asian knives. Flexibility is another essential feature. A great sharpener should be able to sharpen and hone as many steel blades as it possibly can.



It’s Safe and Very Easy to Use



Safety in the kitchen and workshops is paramount for every chef or anyone working with blades. That being said, you should always look for a knife sharpener and honer that sharpens the blade well and at the same time very easy to handle. Dull blades and serrated knives cause accidents. If your blades are not sharp, you will be forced to apply pressure and most likely cause accidents. A sharp knife is a safe knife. It’s the same with sharpening your knife. If your sharpener and honer require you to exert more energy and pressure, almost like you will end up cutting yourself with the blade.



It Doesn’t Destroy the Knife



This is one of the overlooked aspects of choosing an excellent sharpener and honer. Many kitchen chefs and foodies are content with having a sharpener that sharpens that blade. If you observe closely, most sharpeners and honers destroy the blades by wearing them thin. A great knife sharpener protects your blade from degrading. It will take a special kind of technology to do so. These types of blade sharpeners will not only save you money by preserving your knives, but they will also give you a long-lasting, functioning sharpener as they seldom degrade as well. So choose a knife sharpener and honer that will allow you to keep both your knives and sharpener for many years.



The Amazing LeBeau’s Honer



One brand of knife sharpener and honer that has all these fantastic features is LeBeau’s Honer. Made from Nitride rods, they are durable and possess the ability to hone all kinds of kitchen blades, utility knives, and serrated edges. They are also easy to use and will not destroy your blades. This revolutionary product is supported by many kitchen staff, professional chefs, and even hunters. LeBeau’s Honer is a tool everyone should have.



To know more about LeBeau’s Honer, you can check out his website for more info and demo videos of the product.


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