Fashion trends come and go, one minute it’s in the next minute it’s out. So it’s important to build a wardrobe around essential clothing items that will never go out of style. Solid wardrobe staples are forever that’s why the concept of capsule wardrobe is enduring. Most of the outstanding fits are built on a streamlined selection of items that makes every day dressing infinitely easier. Staples remove all the guesswork every morning and give you the foundation to whatever style frontier you’re going to explore for the day. Moreover, staple clothing provides comfort that doesn’t sacrifice statement-making style.

Plain white t-shirts and versatile shoes are some obvious places to start, but you need a refreshed set of priorities. Achieve a wardrobe that can provide you maximum style and versatility. Below are pieces that will keep your style on point and ahead of the game in 2021 and beyond. Mix and match these men’s essential pieces to your hearts content and you’ll make looking fashionable every day seem like a piece of cake.

All-Purpose Hoodie

According to fashion stylist Jason Bolden, a hoodie is an essential layering piece that can be a major fashion item, no matter where you buy yours from. A preppy hoodie is an off-duty essential, excellent worn on the way to the gym. A minimalist option free from branding is what most prefer but if you’re into designs, consider investing in hoodies with subtle designs or logo branding. Either option will add a sense of luxury but urban look to your overall outfits.

Jarrod D. Dixon’s clothing line offers hoodies and other apparels. The good thing about Touching lives urban apparel is that it keeps the statement-making design simple. Touching lives is an empowering streetwear fashion that works to touch lives of people globally with impacting positive energy for the greater good of humanity.

A Selection of T-Shirts

A good old t-shirt will and always be the backbone of your wardrobe. A white t-shirt, black t-shirt, or statement t-shirt will go with any piece from the wardrobe. It suits with your Saturday getaways, Sunday lunch dates, or Friday get together with your best pals. Wear over it a blazer, jacket or hoodie, you can never go wrong with a selection of tees.

The Around-the-Clock Jeans

A neat pair of slim cut jeans is a versatile wardrobe staple. You can dress jeans up and down, making them an incredibly versatile piece of clothing. Going for urban, streetwear, grunge, or vintage, every man needs a mean pair of jeans. They’re roomy, comfortable, and statement-making so there’s no sense in saving them for special occasions. This is an item that is enduring so choose wisely. It’s also crucial to choose the best jeans for your body type and make sure they fit but not skinny. Wear them all the time, with anything.

A White Shirt

A crisp white collared shirt is the bread and butter of your fashion staples, no questions asked.  This men’s wardrobe staple comes into two types: dress shirt and collared button-downs. Always keep them slick and never under estimate the worth of them. A white shirt is every men’s savior. This will bring you confidence to face the world in it.

Go-With-Everything Footwear

Men are always perceived with the kind of shoe game they maintain. Men need a very solid shoe foundation as it helps your whole look. The right footwear can be dressed-up and dressed-down, worn with or without socks, and only look better once broke in. It can be a different footwear for different men, some would go for loafers, lace-up, and kicks. Whatever your footwear of choice is just choose one that suits your everyday getup.

A Signature Watch

Maybe you’re a gold chain guy or maybe a ring person, a man have a signature accessories. Whatever your preference, every man should own a watch. Wearing a watch is beyond just helping you know the time, it is one of the essential details for every man’s fashion. A watch is the perfect piece of jewelry that is functional in every aspect, offers a variety of emotional benefits, and looks great with every fit.

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