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Touching Lives Enterprises is a multi-faceted company. It has successfully ventured into several industries, including streetwear fashion, movie production, and publication. Their products include apparel and inspiring illustrated books under The Fantabulous Golden Lightning Bolts franchise- a book-to-film endeavor. In 2018, Touching Lives Enterprises’ big man decided to enter the film production company and launched a Christian-based film production company called Immabaaaadmamatama Film Productions in Association with Touching Lives Ministries. All these projects and goals are the vision of one man- Jarrod Dixon. Today, we will take a close look at the person behind the success and energy of Touching Lives Enterprises.

Jarrod Dennard Dixon: Faith and Family

The head of Touching Lives Enterprise is a man of faith. For two decades, Jarrod Denard Dixon has been and is currently an associate minister at First Waughtown Baptist Church, Incorporated. The Church is in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Jarrod’s hometown. Minister Dixon credits Rev. Dr. Dennis W. Bishop, a dynamic pastor of 22 years, as his “life-changing role model” in his personal life.

Jarrod Denard Dixon, Sr. is married to his beautiful, anointed wife, Cynthia, with whom he has two brilliant and obedient sons, Jiwann and Jarrod. Jiwann is married to his lovely wide, Shade. Mr. and Mrs. Dixon consider her a blessing to their family. For Jarrod, family is the most important thing aside from faith, and he considers himself a devoted and dedicated family man.

Since the year 2000, Minister Jarrod Dixon has been preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ faithfully. The Minister’s primary Kingdom Assignment is Men’s Ministry. Through the Anointing of the Holy Spirit, Minister Dixon passionately and radically exhorts men, Christian and non-Christians alike, to “come up higher” and serve God’s vision and purpose.

Jarrod Denard Dixon constantly recognizes God’s role in all his life’s works, whether it’s business, projects, or inspiring others. Dixon’s devotion to both can be seen in his goals and vision as a man of faith and family.

Jarrod Dennard Dixon: Talent and Vision

One of the significant reasons for Jarrod Dixon’s success is the exceptionally artistic talents that God blessed him with, specifically in drawing and creative writing. Over the years, Jarrod has compiled an impressive resume, including the following: aspiring screenwriter (associated with the Writer’s Guild of America East), a National Award-Winning Published Poet (“A Golden Lightning Bolt Type of Guy” featured in the Anthology Where the Mind Dwells Fascination, Eber & Wein Publishing.

His vision for “Golden Lightning Bolts” has produced many projects such as “A Golden Lightning Bolt Type of Anointing” -a nationally honored Five Gold Star Poem published by Jarrod Dixon also became the published author of the successful worldwide-selling The Traveler’s Touch Saga Series: A 7-Part Inspirational Illustrated Story/Self Improvement Series. The Traveler’s Touch Saga is now on its way to becoming a more successful enterprise rivaling his Golden Lightning Bolts project.

Aside from these successful publications, Jarrod Denard Dixon is also doing an incredible job running his business, Touching Lives Enterprises. The company now boasts ventures in clothing, apparel, publishing, and film production. Touching Lives Enterprise is a company making an impact not only on the lives of its workers but also in the community where freedom of expression is celebrated and encouraged through fashion.

Finally, in 2018, Jarrod Denard Dixon launched his Christian-based Film Production Company – Immabaaaadmamatama Film Productions, in Association with Touching Lives Ministries. Many lives are expected to be inspired by Dixon’s visions and inspiring stories with this new project.

To know more about Jarrod Denard Dixon and Touching Lives Enterprises, visit their official website today.

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