Touching Lives Enterprises is owned and operated by successful entrepreneur Jarrod D. Dixon.

Orange Digital Technologies celebrate businesses that not only create new ideas but also empower others. These are the types of companies that are not all about profit. They are also about making an impact on the community and help better the lives of many people. Today, we will learn about an inspiring business run by an extraordinary individual- Touching Lives Enterprises and its owner Jarrod Denard Dixon.

Touching Lives Enterprises

Touching Lives Enterprises is a legitimate business involved in Christian-based Movie Productions, Empowering Streetwear Fashions, and Inspirational Self-improvement Illustrated Stories. These products all work together to touch lives across the globe and provide positive energy for the greater good of humanity. Touching Lives enterprises is owned and operated by Mr. Jarrod Denard Dixon, a successful entrepreneur. Dixon is an Aspiring Film Producer, 9-Time Published Author, and Clothing Line Creator.

Touching Lives Urban Apparel

“Styles of Empowerment, Celebrating People of Color”

Touching Lives Urban Apparel is one of the leading products of the company. It aims to provide everyday people with quality clothing and at the same time celebrate people of color through their creative designs. Touching Lives Urban Apparel includes t-shirts, hoodies, and face masks. They are available in a wide array of colors and designs. The Touching Lives Urban Apparel features the famous logo, a hand gripping a thunderbolt. The designs are also expressions ranging from empowerment and sports to social commentaries, such as the “Black Lives Matter” or the BLM design. Empowerment t-shirts on Touching Lives Urban Apparel are undoubtedly inspiring and exciting to wear.

Other Products and Interests

Touching Lives Enterprises also celebrate people of color through literature. As a creative writer, Mr. Jarrod D. Dixon has published several titles. Many of these are illustrated books feature Dixon’s very own, The Fantabulous Golden Lightning Bolts, an alliance of Christian superheroes. Each book presents the superheroes in various adventures, saving and protecting innocent lives for the glory of the Most High. Touching Lives also has poetry books and short stories. Jarrod D. Dixon is also known for his other book series- The Traveler’s Touch Saga, which features seven unique and interesting stories. The Traveler’s Touch Saga books are available in audio format.

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More About Jarrod D. Dixon

Jarrod Denard Dixon Sr. is a dedicated family man, passionate entrepreneur, committed minister, and gifted individual with multiple talents. She is married to his beautiful, anointed wife, Cynthia. Together, they have two brilliant sons, Jiwann and Jarrod II. Jiwann is married to his wife, Shade. For 20 years now, Jarrod D. Dixon serves as an associate minister at First Waughtown Baptist Church, Incorporated, in his hometown of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He credits his dynamic Pastor of 22 years, Rev. Dr. Dennis W. Bishop, as a “life-changing role model” in his life. Aside from his Ministry, Mr. Jarrod D. Dixon pours his energy into his God-given talents, including drawing and creative writing. Some of his celebrated works are “A Golden Lightning Bolt Type of Guy” (featured in the Anthology Where the Mind Dwells Fascination, Eber & Wein Publishing), “A Golden Lightning Bolt Type of Anointing” (a nationally honored Five Gold Star Poem published by, and The Traveler’s Touch Saga Series: A 7-Part Inspirational Illustrated Story/Self Improvement Series. In 2018, Mr. Dixon finally launched his Christian-based Film Production Company – Immabaaaadmamatama Film Productions in Association with Touching Lives.

To know more about Touching Lives Enterprise and Mr. Jarrod D. Dixon, you can visit their website now.

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