Nobody knows who invented cooking or precisely the origin of it. The only indication about our ancestors’ way of preparing food were the campfires discovered. It was more on the need to eat than on how palatable or enticing a dish looks. Then as we evolved in various areas in the world, we discovered unique techniques for preparation depending on the resources and ingredients available in a particular region. Our evolution coincides with the sharp tools used in fighting, constructing, and cooking.

At present, we can choose from a wide variety of cuisines, each influenced by neighboring and visiting cultures. Surprisingly, it never stops evolving, and preparing food is not limited to cooking. We now have baking, boiling, poaching, searing, etc. Even plates joined the bandwagon with the rising popularity of flatware.

What then are the things needed in your kitchen? Here are some of the “must-haves.”

  • Pots and Pans

Never leave out preparing pasta, soup, or other hearty meals. You can use it on a stove or in an oven. Whether it’s a wok, skillet, or a large pot, it will significantly depend on the dish. Make sure to pick something that will last at least about 2-3 years.

  • Knives

You have to start collecting a few of them since different kitchen knives serve different purposes. Minimalism is essential, of course. You don’t want to be branded as an avid “Scream” fan who can’t get enough sharp objects. Purchase Lebeau Honer sharpener as well to give your blades some tender loving care, so they don’t wear and tear quickly. 

  • Measuring cups

It’s dangerous to be in the dark when it comes to the amount of liquid or ingredients. It can significantly affect some dishes, especially baking, whether we put too little or too much. Another good use for these is laundry to measure liquid detergents.

  • Chopping board

Wood or plastic, you wouldn’t want your knives or grinders to destroy your kitchen table. It would help if you also had this to have a steady base during your cutting sessions.

  • Can opener

I call this my lifesaver (this tool reminds me of a Tom and Jerry cartoon for some reason). I could use a knife to open canned goods, but I’d instead give my sharp companions a break and lessen the risk of harming myself. Some tinned goods, fortunately, have their opening mechanism.

  • Tongs

It should be sturdy and reliable enough to hold all kinds of food. It will help if you do some flipping to ensure that each side is heated. Some good old well-made tongs are your best bud for deep frying and grilling needs in cooking.

  • Strainer

It would be best if you had a strainer to filter or separate or sift fine ingredients, especially when you’re making purees or cheese. And when you want to create that snowy effect on some confectionaries, this versatile tool can do the trick. It would be a nightmare to pour the water out from the noodles.

  • Mitten

Sometimes a thick cloth can do the trick, but if you need to carry heavy pans, you better get yourself some kitchen mitts. Not only will it protect your precious hands from the heat, but it looks more aesthetic and homey to be carrying your meals with it.

  • Blender

Why tire ourselves in using a fork to beat eggs or using a spatula to mix sauces if we can push the button and let the magic take place. It will also save our strength if we need to mix courser ingredients. I can imagine the challenge of liquifying something solid.

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