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In such a competitive industry, TwoFeld Tech LLC is committed to providing the best quality IT assistance with services such as diagnosis, data recovery, and computer repair in Macedonia, OH.

In a society where almost everything can be found and done online, electronic devices are crucial for everyone. These devices won’t always be in their best condition like everything else. They may experience software issues, be infected with viruses, and in severe cases, break down entirely. Identifying and addressing these issues are keys to reducing inactivity and increasing productivity.

This is where TwoFeld Tech LLC, a company specializing in computer repair in Macedonia, OH, comes in. The company may have only been established last 2020, but it doesn’t fall behind its competitors in offering the best quality IT services. The professionals under its name are technically well-versed and deliver nothing short of perfection in their services.

If you think it’s about time to have any of your gadgets checked and repaired, TwoFeld Tech LLC can be your right hand. Below are the services they offer. If your need fits, the company can help.


Do you have trouble with your electronics?

Do you have trouble identifying what’s troublesome about your electronics?

TwoFeld Tech LLC can help identify what’s wrong.

Before attempting to fix a problem, it’s equally essential to identify what’s indeed causing it first. Extra emphasis on indeed because sometimes, the symptoms only show a little of what’s happening.

The symptoms can be solved separately, and the device will work again. But this will only last a while before the device breaks down again. If the main problem isn’t recognized, the damage will escalate, and solving it would take hours, days – for some, it might even be impossible.

TwoFeld Tech LLC aims to identify the root cause rather than focusing on surface-level issues. Its IT professionals will thoroughly check your gadgets instead of offering cookie-cutter solutions. With their expertise, you will be assured of a seamless and perfected IT solution for your problems.

IT Procurement

TwoFeld Tech LLC doesn’t only solve your IT issues. They go above to offer assistance.

They do this by providing their clients recommendations about the best stores to buy necessary device replacements. This helps clients avoid getting scammed or taking home products of less quality than what they paid for.

Asset Disposition

IT assets are physical resources that are disposed of regularly. If done improperly, they can result in environmental damage. More e-waste has filled landfills. And you don’t want to be part of that problem.

TwoFeld Tech LLC helps assure that your e-waste isn’t causing a problem. The company offers the removal of IT hardware and equipment, securely wiping and destroying data on a hard drive, SSD, and other possible storage media. They also set up old devices so they can be reused.


As with helping their clients beyond their repair needs, TwoFeld Tech LLC also offers advisory services. This consultation service ranges from regular devices to data recovery, loss prevention, and residential and office networking.

Regarding networking consultations, their IT professionals can help clients assess technological strategies and align these with their business. Thus, they ensure clients get the optimal system suited for their business.

Need help with system upgrades?

TwoFeld Tech LLC can help you with it!

Sometimes, when devices don’t work, this doesn’t immediately mean they’re broken. For some instances, they simply need a system upgrade. Whether for your MAC devices, SSD, or network, TwoFeld Tech LLC can upgrade them for you.

Aside from system upgrades, the company also offers custom PC builds to help meet your specific needs. Whether what you need is for gaming, video-editing, or work productivity, TwoFeld Tech LLC can assure you will be getting the better end of the deal.

Having your devices regularly updated will not only provide you access to the newest features. This will also help protect your devices from bugs or security breaches. It’s not only important that your devices process fast. It’s also crucial that your data is secured and protected.

Start a Conversation!

If you’re interested in getting your devices checked or repaired, contact TwoFeld Tech LLC for an initial consultation and estimate. You can reach them at (440) 256-6228. You may also set an appointment with them through their website at

Stop worrying about slow devices and get them consulted with TwoFeld Tech LLC.

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