ONOX is a company offering quality services for construction and home remodeling in Indianapolis. 

ONOX Services is a family-run construction and renovation company with years of experience in building and home remodeling in Indianapolis. They are currently based at 5920 W 38th St, Apt 11 Indianapolis IN 46254, United States. The company is composed of hard-working men and women with professional expertise in providing building, maintenance, and repair services for residential and commercial establishments. From home rehab to exterior and interior remodeling, ONOX Services prides itself on nothing but quality and satisfaction-guaranteed services.

ONOX began with a vision to build a company at par with big construction firms providing top-of-the-line services while maintaining a customer focus of a family-run business built on professionalism.

“Build / Repair Right…”

ONOX understands and values the importance of innovation and professionalism. Since its inception, ONOX has always embraced the vision and focus of delivering high-value projects for our clients, emphasizing close communication and attention to detail in every project they do. ONOX adopts small business values with a big business approach.

Today, 75 percent of our business comes from a core group of legacy clients: a testament to our commitment to building strong, long-term working relationships.”

Aside from the skilled men and women of ONOX’s Project Team, which boasts more than 30 years of combined work experience in modeling, the company adopts the latest applications and building technologies. ONOX builds the finest homes and structures well within our clientele’s resources and time frames without sacrificing quality and workmanship. 

ONOX Services covers Construction Management, Owner’s Representation, and General Contractors and works with client’s ideas, whether its design innovation or green energy ideas.

ONOX services range from the exterior and interior residential construction and renovation, providing construction services to commercial establishments and properties anywhere in the Indianapolis area.

Home Rehab

Home Rehab is one of the primary services of ONOX. Whether it’s a poorly-maintained residential home or a house damaged (exterior and interior) throughout time, ONOX guarantees quality makeover for a reasonable price.

Kitchen Remodel

ONOX remodels old kitchens not only to suit the client’s demands but to ensure that customers experience a first-class kitchen experience that is safe, spacious, and of course, functional yet stylish.

Bathroom Remodel

We all love a nice bathroom that is clean, fully equipped, and modern. With ONOX Bath Remodel services, you can now enjoy a modern, cozy, and refreshing bathroom without spending a fortune on renovation.

Interior and Exterior Trims

Trims and moldings speak a lot about a property. With ONOX Services, Interior and Exterior Trims come with elegance, durability, and a price that clients can surely afford.

Siding, Flooring, and Painting

With years of expertise and experience in providing exterior and interior maintenance, ONOX provides top-of-the-line seamless siding, flooring, and painting services. Floor Installation is one of ONOX’s sought-after services, offering great results.

New Construction

While ONOX has built its foundations on renovations, repairs, and exterior and interior home projects, they are known for constructing some of the finest residential and commercial buildings in the Indianapolis area.

Working with ONOX Services saves you money, time, energy and ensures customer-satisfaction results. Not only are their services tailored to fit your ideas and budget, but ONOX also has the tools and technology for whatever home project you have in mind.

Orange Digital Technologies is proud to feature ONOX Services, a company with the best practices and skilled professionals.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact ONOX Services for all your construction and renovation needs. You can reach them at +1 (317) 795-7869 or email them at [email protected] and [email protected]. ONOX Services is open from 8 AM to 6 PM, Mondays through Saturdays.

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