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Switching between ‘remodeling’ and ‘renovation’ might seem difficult and confusing, as these words are used interchangeably. If you consult with an expert, they might not mind as much, but it helps to know the stark difference between the two.

How Are Remodeling and Renovation Different?

These terms are casually and interchangeably used in the building industry and even in other areas like real estate, contracting, and interior design. But for the professionals working in these specific fields, they entail a much different meaning. Renovation has a borderline similarity with restoration, only that it refers to bringing something back to its previous state; it may also mean repairing a space until it’s in good condition. Remodeling however, points to making something completely new. In other words, it holds a similar meaning with remaking.

What Residential Renovation Really Is

If we were to broaden the definition, ‘renovation’ implies the revival of something. This is mostly applicable to home construction. For example, repainting walls and changing the faces of cabinetry or installing new lighting fixtures could be considered a renovation. They don’t require drastic tearing of walls and floors to replace them with new ones. In renovations, there’s no dramatic changes in the interior, only little things that needs tweaking and updating to meet a certain standard.

Renovations can make a room seem more attractive than it was before, and provides a sense of belonging, like the space ultimately reflects the user’s personality all over. A renovation has additional capacity to accommodate the homeowners’ lifestyle, making the interior space homelier. Even small changes like repainting walls and furniture, or replacing old doors and windows can increase the chances of a house’s marketability.

The Meaning of Home Remodeling

When it comes to ‘remodeling’ in home construction, it means a complete ‘remake’. If a layout needs complete transformation from the structure, style, placement, down to the large-scale fixtures, that’s where remodeling is applied. Reconfiguring major parts of the home to create a new space is also considered remodeling. If you consult an architect or engineer, you might encounter the word ‘load-bearing walls’. They’re active structural elements that carry or support the weight of the floors and roof; hence they cannot be touched as the house would collapse without them. If you want to know which walls in your house are load-bearing, check if there are beams, columns that are directly above, or adjacent walls following the same path.

An example of remodeling would be when a wall that blocks the dining room and the kitchen is removed to join the two spaces together, since the homeowner wants an open plan to free up and increase the space better. Open-concept has been a thing nowadays, since it allows more air and light, plus it adds functionality into an interior space. Remodeling is a method that’s more commonly used in open-plan construction. Installing major elements like a kitchen island is also an example of remodeling. If the project has something to do with significant alterations of a space with the purpose of breathing new life into it, giving the space an entirely new look and feel, then it’s considered a remodel.

Renovation Vs. Remodeling: Which One Is Costlier?

The task of remodeling is extremely heavy in cost and labor compared to renovating. Remodeling typically uses additional manpower plus design and construction professionals to implement complex design considerations. Because remodeling takes a lot of utility applications, there’s also the electric and plumbing changes involved.

Be informed though, that there are different price ranges for home renovations and remodeling in various areas, especially for a kitchen renovation in Ontario. For you to be sure, it’s essential to hire a building expert rather than spearheading the project yourself, especially if you want a remodeling for your home.

Taking It to The Next Level

Now that you’ve learned the difference between renovation and remodeling, the decision in which ones you want to apply in your home is now in your hands. Remember that you have to have sufficient budget for both, and a little extra in case there are sudden changes that needs to be made. Plan your budget accordingly, and invest more on the areas that need a little more love. You must choose a schedule that is best for the construction, so that it won’t be in conflict with your other agendas.

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