LeBeau’s Honer sharpens just about any blade.

Are you a man in the kitchen whose face lit up when there is no difficulty chopping the ingredients? Are you a knife collector who wants to improve the quality of your collections? Do you have hunting as a hobby? If the answers are YES, then LeBeau’s Honer is what you should look for! There is no need for steel rods and whetstones because this honer will sharpen your blades in no time with just minimal effort.

LeBeau’s Honer: The Basics

Your knives and other blades deserve the greatest honer that will keep its edges sharp without ruining or ripping off. What more could you ask for than easy-to-use and convenient blades for cooking, hunting, and collecting? LeBeau’s Honer is definitely the perfect solution to your dull-knives problems. LeBeau’s Honer is an exclusive knife sharpener with an angled design that stops the unnecessary ripping off of the metal throughout the sharpening procedure. This tool isn’t limited to honing knives but also can sharpen any blades, such as fish hooks, arrowheads, scissors, axes, and more. As a result, you can bring this during your camping and hunting trips. It can also make serrated edges regain their sharpness; hence, it could be a serrated knife sharpener. That said, this product absolutely is the most user-friendly and effective knife honer.

Moreover, the main mission of this product is to maintain the sharpness of your blades while not peeling off the metal from your knives. So, you will get a great return on investment because it will protect your blade from degrading. This little wonder can make the work done in seconds, which is extremely amazing, especially for those busy bees.

What it is made of

You probably are wondering about the material used to make LeBeau’s Honer because of how good the product’s quality is. It is typically made of Nitride rods that are extremely hard and have the ability to hone all types of metals. The rods are positioned at 21 degrees and have the flex that will eliminate the little nicks, burrs, and flat spots if you place a coin between the rods.
The durability of this particular honer is already guaranteed since Nitride rods wear away in a spot, not until 5 years of usage. However, you can still use it by turning the rods 1/8 of a turn to have a fresh honing surface. Given the quality and accessibility, it is guaranteed that you will experience long-lasting convenience and efficiency from this product.
Hence, LeBeau’s Honer Nitride Rods are difficult to mold and harden. Both rods in the product are flexible and can be twisted after 5 years of use; so, you can still utilize them even if wears down. Because of the material used, the honer can sharpen the blades, especially high carbon steel knives, and achieve their best cutting edges.

How to use

It was already stated multiple times that this knife sharpener is easy to use and can sharp different kinds of blades. But, how do you use it? Here’s how.

“Dry hone the blade. Simply place your thumb behind the back of the knife and stroke the rod’s dead center 10 to 15 strokes. This sets your edge, making it capable of cutting meats, vegetables, paper, or anything you want to cut. It is just not shaving sharp yet. This is a good utility edge for many cutting chores. If you want your knife even sharper use Honing Oil.”LeBeau’s Honer

What are you waiting for? Check out LeBeau’s Honer today and experience convenience while cooking, hunting, and other activities that require cutting.

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