Cooking is an integral part of life. In the kitchen, things do not happen at once. It takes before, during, and after rules for a successful meal to be served and enjoyed. Kitchen safety is every cook’s priority. There are numerous kitchen rules to follow before cooking to safeguard you while preparing your food. And some of these rules also ensure the safe consumption of your prepared meal.

Let’s enlist the rules and know the importance of each one!

Things To Do

Prepare Your Cutting Board

First, if you are cooking a healthy combination of vegetables and meat, prepare two cutting boards; this is highly advisable to avoid cross-contamination in your food. Next, secure your boards in place. Cutting boards can be wobbly, and it will cause your knife to slip. However, there are several ways to keep them in place. You can place a damp towel, a non-slip mat under the cutting board, or you can get a cutting board with grips.

Sharpen And Hone Your Knife

Every kitchen person knows that a sharp knife is a safe knife. Dull and blunt knives are prone to slipping, which leads to common kitchen accidents. Knife cuts are avoidable, and you are in optimal control of your safety in the kitchen. Thus, a knife sharpener and honer are essential kitchen tools.

Grip Your Knife Correctly

Knowing how to use your kitchen tools is important. One thing which ensures your safety from cooking accidents is knowing how to grip your knife correctly. Make sure to put your index finger and thumb on the very back of the knife and firmly grip around the handle for a safe chopping experience.

Chop Properly

When chopping, form a claw to protect your fingers from directly being in contact with the knife. In doing so, your knuckles will guide the knife, and it will prevent injuring your fingers.

What To Avoid

Prevent Children and Pets from Being Around You in The Kitchen

It is better to have company in the kitchen while preparing your meal than to be alone. However, children and pets can actively run around and bump into kitchen tools. And in some cases, falling knives or other objects might injure them. Thus, it is best to keep them away from the kitchen.

Never Rush Your Preparation

Due to the modernity of life, everyone is busy. And most times, you have less or no time to enjoy a homecooked meal. However, in some cases, the rush of your cooking process can lead to cuts or other kitchen-related injuries. Instead, take the time to prepare your meal and cook. Food tastes better with patience. And it is also best enjoyed without any accidents.

More Important Things to Take Note of

Wash and Sanitize 

It is imperative to wash your hands before preparing and cooking your meal. Also, make sure to wash in between preparing vegetables and meat. Moreover, it is a must-do to clean and sanitize your preparation and cooking space. Both are vital in the prevention of contaminating your food.

Always Have a First Aid Kit

Before cooking, it is important to have a first aid kit. Kitchen-related injuries — such as burns and cuts may happen before and during the cooking process. Make sure that you know where to get your safety kit, place or install it nearby your kitchen or in the bathroom.

Keep a Fire Extinguisher

A fire extinguisher is mandatory in all homes. The kitchen is one of the key places to keep a fire extinguisher. The installation of fire extinguishers must be 30 feet away from the stove. Thus, during emergencies, you can easily access it. However, ensure that it will not be placed near the stove because, in emergencies, heavy smoke could block its access.

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