A & A Home Repair Services is a home repair service company based in Ontario, Canada.

A & A Home Repair Services is a reputable home repair service company based at 100 Bond St E Oshawa, ON L1G0B7, Canada. The family-owned business is licensed, fully insured, and boasts extensive experience in home repairs and renovations. Whether remodeling your house or replacing damaged sections and parts, A & A Home Repair Services guarantees top-of-the-line quality service.

Completing periodic maintenance such as inspections, adjustments, cleaning, or replacements should be done regularly to ensure the proper functioning of all the systems in a house. Doing otherwise will cost more down the line due to higher costs associated with repairs or replacements – we help clients avoid costly emergencies such as wood rot, mold, or termites. 

A & A Home Repair Services prides itself in providing a wide variety of minor repairs and renovations in various parts of your home.

Kitchen renovations

The kitchen is the part of the house that needs constant maintenance. Keeping the kitchen sanitary and fully functional is essential to every household. It is where we prepare our food, store our supplies, and clean. Whether it’s a sink, pipes, water sources, storage, pantry, and other areas, A&A provides efficient and fast kitchen renovation at a very reasonable price.

 Basement renovations

Basements are often left unattended along with the things we seldom or no longer use. Despite the typical treatment, basements need to be cleaned and rearranged from time to time. Doing so helps you avoid rat infestation, and de-cluttering helps you throw away things that need to be permanently disposed of. A & A Home Repair Services offers thorough renovations for well-designed and easy-to-maintain basements.

 Bathroom renovations

There are many bathroom repair companies, but most are costly and do not suggest ideal solutions for bathrooms and shower rooms. With A & A Home Repair Services, you can be sure that you also get sound suggestions for your bathroom aside from renovations.

 Plumbing service

Plumbing is perhaps the most crucial aspect of home maintenance and commonly requires repair and looking after. With its expert and well-trained personnel, A & A Home Repair Services guarantees comprehensive and effective plumbing services you cannot get from average home maintenance service companies. 

 Tiling service in Oshawa Canada

For those residing in Oshawa, Canada, and nearby areas, A & A Home Repair Services is the company to look out for your tiling needs. Whether installing kitchen or bathroom tiles or repairing/replacing old ones, the company gives 100 % satisfaction.

 Electrical fixtures

Electrical issues should be left to professionals. Electrical fixtures cover restoring or repairing wire connections and ensure that the connections are safe and well-placed. Electric use is part of our daily lives and powers our homes. Thus, it is essential that professionals should conduct its maintenance and renovations. 

Home repairs and renovations are inevitable, but there’s no need for you to spend a fortune or be stressed about it. The key lies in having an excellent partner who is expert in-home repairs, whatever section of the house. If you are looking for quality and affordability, make sure to choose A & A Home Repair Services. You can call them at 6479901278. Their office is open Mondays to Saturdays, from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM and 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM on Sundays. You can also visit their official website and follow them on their Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter account to know more about them and their services.

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