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A kitchen backsplash serves as the most prominent decorative element in the kitchen. Aside from its typical function, it also adds character and style to the kitchen atmosphere. However, it can develop some issues that need to be resolved by professionals.

Kitchens comprise different styles that correlate to everything else in the house. It probably is the busiest area of any home. There’s so much going on, and it serves varying purposes, too. That’s why with frequent usage, it can wear out. Kitchen backsplash problems can be annoying when left for a long time, so fixing them is urgent.

However, repairs are another matter, as we’re only going to discuss the various kitchen backsplash issues homeowners often notice while cleaning up their kitchen. The primary purpose of installing a backsplash in the kitchen or bathroom is to protect the drywalls and plaster from damages caused by grease, soap, oil, and other food stains splashing all over the cooking area.

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Kitchen backsplash tiles typically last for over four decades, depending on their care and maintenance. The material longevity is also a factor in its durability. Homeowners must never be complacent about their backsplashes, no matter how long they last. Some materials like porcelain can be suitable for many years. However, ceramic and glass are more prone to warping and fading.

Fixing your existing backsplash may be good, but it’s a temporary solution that won’t do you any good in the long run. Having new ones installed is the only way, and that’s where Handshakers Construction comes in! We install kitchen and backsplash in Ohio Cincinnati, with a wide range of services you can explore on our website. Handshakers Construction guarantees the best backsplash installation, making clients return for more.

Common kitchen backsplash problems during installation

Identifying common backsplash issues is an excellent start to installing new ones at home. Letting the installing service provider know about these issues helps them develop better installation methods that will be more beneficial. Before giving it a go, here are examples of the problems that your kitchen backsplash might show:

1 – Tile grout joins that are hard to clean

Kitchen backsplash tiles come in a wide variety of designs for homeowners to choose from. Manufacturers became inventive with every production, providing the market with many options. Porcelain, ceramic, and glass tiles are excellent kitchen backsplash materials. However, there’s just one problem – they’re connected through grout joints.

The tiring part about having grout joints is the constant cleaning required so no molds would form around them, especially on tile grouts with quite a gap. Having a slab installed might be an alternative to such issues, so you should consult a professional on how this can be done.

2 – Awkward kitchen backsplash setting

A one-piece slab might look smoother and pleasant on your kitchen wall, but if your designated installer maneuvers them wrong, what’s the point of having one? When you’ve already invested in expensive materials that would look good as a kitchen backsplash. Other options like steel or laminate panels won’t be as complicated to install, unlike pricey slabs that cost a fortune.

3 – Cutting corners during installation

Some areas around the kitchen take work to avoid, especially when you move into a new home. It would’ve been easier to build from the ground up, would it? Other additions like outlets, switches, and stove slots may be crucial, but they’re the sole enemy of professionals during the installation process.

That’s because slight or significant adjustments to accommodate the pre-existing elements are hard to ignore. And they must not be touched unless the homeowner says so. Even though they’re a nuisance, they’re still essential to kitchen design. Installers usually find solutions that suit the problem because they’re indispensable and valuable once kitchen installations are done.

4 – The perfect height

Most homeowners have yet to learn how tall the backsplash should be, especially when they resort to DIY installations. No kitchen installation experience makes homeowners unsure of the right height for the entire backsplash. There’s also the constant questioning of whether they did it right and a dilemma with the proportions. So if you find it hard to estimate the measurements yourself, Handshakers Construction is willing to help!

With our experienced crew, you never have to worry whether you did the kitchen backsplash installation accurately. Handshakers Construction delivers years of consistency and experience in home renovation and installation services. Contact us if you’re having issues with your kitchen backsplash installation, and we’ll be right there to help you.

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