Redesigning your house for the better does not need to be so expensive, time-consuming, and messy.

Here are ten simple, creative, and affordable makeover ideas you can try at home today or in the future.

New Lights Up

Sometimes, all you really need is to see things in a new light. Seriously, replacing the lights in your chandeliers, bedroom, bathroom, and even bathroom lights can spell all the difference. You can also try installing smart lighting system. There are inexpensive digital lighting systems available. For natural light, you might want to consider changing curtains or re-arranging your set-up to allow more sunlight into your house.

Redesign Wall

One fast and cheap way to bring in a new look for your house is by redesigning the wall. There are several ways to do it. You can re-paint, re-arrange what’s in your wall (decors, picture frames, wall cabinets, shelves, etc.), or you can just simply replace and install new wallpaper. Wallpapers are cheap, and you can set them up in no time. This is also convenient for redesign bedroom and bathroom walls.

Outside Floors

Exterior design is also essential, but it doesn’t need to be expensive and complicated. You can always install decorative concrete. Stamped concrete and dyes with creative designs are cheap and easy if you know the right people. Guy Blank Concrete Design and Repair in Southwest Florida has made stylish, top-of-the-line stamped and decorative concrete for over thirty-five years. They are the leading company in providing affordable designs and services in terms of concrete designs and repairs.

Create Space

Probably the cheapest and easiest way to makeover your house is to remove clutters and unnecessary stuff. Sometimes a minimalist approach is all you need. Get rid of extra furniture and place them outside. You can also re-arrange them to create more space. Having fewer items in your living allows your house to ‘breathe,’ and you can also feel a sense of relief with not having too many items to care for and clean.

Switch Rooms

Now, this might be a little tricky but can have no zero cost at all. All you have to do is plan and ask the family to exchange rooms. It will give everyone a whole new experience, new sights, and they‘ll be more familiar with the whole house. If switching bedrooms is not possible, try exchanging experimenting with other rooms in the house- the basement, storage room, or your garage. Convert your basement into a home theater or your garage into a minibar or gym.

Cheap Decors

Cheap decors are consistently effective in changing the mood of the house. You can create your own decors, or you can simply hit the thrift shop and hunt for artistic or oven antique decors that are on sale or really, really cheap. If you’re lucky, you might be able to find exotic handicrafts or valuable small items from foreign lands. A flea market is also an excellent option for hunting cheap decors.

Set up Storage

Storage rooms are essential in houses. A storage room is where you keep your stuff not needed for every use. You can keep in there your supplies and stuff for occasional and emergency use. You can also keep old but still of value and use. As such, you need a storage room that can house all these in order. Set up a nice storage room that can separate stuff and will make it easy for you to find them when needed.

Go for Garden

Since the pandemic, many people have set up gardens and mini orchards in their homes. Pandemic or not, setting up a garden is an excellent way to upgrade your home. There are plenty of garden designs to choose from and plenty of flowers, plants, and even vegetables to accommodate. Gardens can also provide fresh air and additional shade. Artistically wise, who doesn’t love colorful flowers?

Try Mini Ponds

If you have a garden, it makes sense to have a garden pond or a backyard pond. Backyard ponds are a great complement to your garden. According to research, listening to the sound of running or flowing water help relax the mind and our nerves. Aside from being beneficial to our health, they can also be a great hobby. Add a few koi fishes, and you just upgraded your home big time.

Color Scheme

Of course, re-painting your house, especially the exterior and the roof, will provide a fabulous makeover. The only downside to this is that you will probably have to hire a professional painter. Of course, you can also do do-it-yourself. Ready-mixed paints are available in a variety of colors. Just make sure you commit to it. Re-painting the house is a significant makeover, to say the least.

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