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Is your bathroom not meeting up to your standards anymore? Does it looks and feels lackluster? Are you annoyed with constantly fixing broken faucets and pipes? It seems like what your bathroom needs is a complete makeover – a total bathroom renovation. 

Whether people admit it or not, the bathroom is probably one of their favorite spaces inside the house. It’s a room that gives people that much-needed scrubbed-down clean and space where they can while the time away in a luxurious aromatic bubble bath. 

So, why not invest in remodeling it to level up your bathroom experience? 

Why do you need a bathroom renovation? 

People often shy away from house remodeling or renovation because of the negative connotation attached to expenses. Plus, there’s also that intimidating factor of not knowing how they’d go about changing how their bathroom looks to make it better without risking coming out looking like a disaster area. 

There are many reasons why bathrooms shout for the need for change and a makeover.  

Fix Faulty Fixtures

Your bathroom tiles maybe already cracking under the pressure of feet, grime, or old age. The toilet could already be faulty, and there’s a leak among the pipes, or the faucet could be leaky, or the drainage is all clogged up. These are sure signs that call (desperately!) for a bathroom fix and quick. Faulty and leaky pipes and faucets pose serious health risks to the house’s occupants. First off, there’s a possibility that someone could slip and fall if leaked waters are not fixed. Next, molds will likely develop within the interior walls, leading to severe respiratory health complications

Aesthetic Makeover

Another reason for a bathroom remodeling is that you’re probably tired of the same dull-looking interior of your bathroom walls. Since the bathroom has one of the highest footprints in the room, it’s best to invest in a change of look. Suppose you love relaxing in your bathroom; spice up the interior with colors and designs that suit your style and mood. This way, you’ll be making your bathroom time a worthwhile experience. 

Increase House Value

People renovate their bathrooms to increase their houses’ overall rate and value. Any improvement to a home is a guaranteed value-increaser to the whole property. Consider it as a return on investment if you’re torn between renovating your bathroom or not.  

For trusted partners in bathroom remodeling, GMP Construction LLC is the go-to expert in providing quality professional service to help you achieve your desired bathroom design. From fixing any broken bathroom features to redesigning a new look for the flooring, cabinets, sinks, faucets, showers, bathtub, etc., the construction firm aims to produce the best results – with the benefit of increasing the value of your property!   

GMP Construction LLC also offers kitchen remodeling, house interior and exterior painting, and a drywall installer in Dundalk, MD

Essential Remodeling Tips

Before you dive in and start pounding away your bathroom walls and floor, or even let someone start to do it for you, it’s best to be prepared and have a little bit of know-how on bathroom remodeling. 

Have a Budget in Mind

All construction process needs to revolve around a budget; this is also considered an investment on your end. A budget can keep you grounded if you plan to splurge and go overboard, head-crazy with design materials, fixtures, etc. 

Your budget needs to be realistic, and you need to be consistent with sticking to it. Your budget consideration should include the design you have in mind, labor and materials, if you’re looking to sell your house later on or not, the extent of fixes and repairs needed to be done, etc. 

If you’re planning to resell your house, select a bathroom design that is not too specific to a particular style to cater to a broader appeal of homeowners. Neutral and minimalistic designs are safe choices since they allow new homeowners to quickly change it to the type they want. 

Choose the Right Flooring

There are many kinds of bathroom flooring designs. Some popular options include waterproof vinyl, porcelain and ceramic, natural stone, concrete, engineered wood, carpet, bamboo, and cork. 

When selecting the bathroom floor that works for you, think about waterproof flooring. Bathrooms have the highest amount of exposure to moisture. Your floor material needs to be safe to prevent accidents such as slipping or damage due to water and humidity. Bathroom floors should also be easy to clean and maintain because you don’t want to spend your whole day scrubbing away on the floor!

Lighting is Essential 

Lighting placement should be a top priority when giving your bathroom a complete makeover. Why? Because lighting could be the ultimate make-or-break deal for your whole bathroom look. Even if you have the most amazing painted walls and your bathroom has all the latest accessories and the trendiest fixtures, the entire face will fall completely flat and useless if you have a terrible bathroom light. 

Try to incorporate natural light as much as possible. Natural light makes a room feel airier and brighter. You could achieve this through a well-thought window positioning or a tubular skylight. And when the night falls, your artificial lighting should compensate and produce excellent effects for your bathroom. Try to avoid harsh lights such as bare bulbs. Soft light should do the trick, especially for your vanity mirror area. 

Properly Ventilate

Good ventilation is essential to all kinds of bathrooms. This addresses and counters the effects of humidity and dampness and prevents health complications. Invest in good quality window vents and exhaust fans to get the best airflow within your bathrooms. 

Call the Professionals

Are you ready to give your bathroom a whole new look? Get in touch with the team at GMP Construction LLC today, and see your bathroom take on a fantastic transformation that’s right for your budget!  Call them at 443-762-5184, or visit their website at www.gmpconstructionllcmd.comGMP Construction LLC is your partner specialist for every home improvement project. 

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