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Companies like From Dark To Light, specializing in pet urine stain and odor removal in Toronto, are the best partners to ensure that houses stay smelling fresh from pet-related issues. Besides professional help, pet owners can also independently solve the problem themselves.

Despite their cute little faces and adorable behavior, it can’t be denied that pets smell. They have a particular stench the human senses can easily catch.

Naturally, every animal smells. But people don’t adopt and look after every animal to consider or be sensitive about this fact. Regarding the domestic ones, people typically go for the standard dogs and cats. Both of which aren’t exempted from the smelly category.

Unfortunately for pet lovers, their pets’ stubborn odors reflect poorly on them. Guests and visiting family members may not pass on the chance to scrutinize the small and associate it with the owners’ hygiene and sense of responsibility. While nobody in their right mind wants their house smelling musty, once the nose gets accustomed to the odor, it can be tough to detect.

Hence, pet owners must take extra measures to ensure their house stays looking clean and smelling fresh for precautions.

Removing the Stink

Fortunately for pet owners, there are various ways to remove the stench in their houses. How hard one has to work to eliminate it will depend on how severe the smell is. But here are the basic steps how:

Identify the Source

While the smell can quickly spread in every corner of the house, it has to come from somewhere. Working blindly without finding out where the smell is mainly coming from will be tough. More often than not, pets have their favorite spot in the house. Typically, these are the spaces that the owners should be most suspicious of. However, if this spot isn’t the source, they can also examine the carpets, vents, or heaters since these tend to absorb and trap odors.

Once the source is identified, it’s time to get down and dirty!

Vacuum Repeatedly

This step is crucial when the source is an open space. See, the problem can’t be solved through targeted cleaning. Instead, everything has to be thorough.

Pet owners don’t need to be cautious only about their pets’ urine or stools to cause the stench. Their hair, dander, and possibly dirt they’ve brought from outside need to be observed and managed too. Vacuuming will do the heavy work. Pet owners need to do this routinely, alternating mopping and vacuuming repeatedly.

Regularly doing this will help clean the air and make a stark difference in the house’s smell. Of course, before doing this, pet owners should make sure that their pets are a safe distance away, seeing as they hate these loud noises.

Wash Regularly

Vacuuming the spots alone won’t work, especially with the things pets use daily. These include their bed covers, couch cushions they may pay with, linens, and sheets. Even without evident stains or dirt, they should still be washed regularly. This is to ensure that dirt and odor build-up will be prevented. As with everything, prevention is better than cure.

Use Natural Cleaners

Pet owners don’t need to purchase expensive products to remove the stench. Products easily found at home can also offer the same results as store-bought ones. These include two natural cleaners, baking soda, and vinegar.

Both are excellent odor neutralizers and may even help with removing pet stains. Pet owners must sprinkle or spray these products on the affected areas and let them sit before removing them.

Contact Professionals

While independently doing it works, there’s still a difference when professionals do the work.

There’s a growing number of cleaning companies that specialize in removing pet-related problems. Companies like From Dark To Light, specializing in pet urine stain and odor removal in Toronto and nearby areas, are the best partners in ensuring that houses stay smelling clean and fresh. Their professionals meticulously treat the problem by using pet-specific cleaning tools. But their service doesn’t stop there since they also go beyond in making sure nothing gets left behind. From Dark To Light uses UV lights to inspect carpets and make sure everything has been removed.

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