Landscape design is a very tricky and demanding business for a lot of clients. Luckily, there’s Picket Fences Landscape Design and Construction to offer their services.

Before you get to know Picket Fences Landscape Design and Construction, we have to ask, first, what does a good landscape feel like? We already know what it would look like, but what is a good landscape trying to achieve?

Everyone out there with a plot of land outside of their house wants to create something beautiful, something that entices them to spend their time outside, something worth remembering whenever you’re passing by their neck of the woods. But those qualities are quite vague and very hard to execute as a project. What is beautiful? What is enticing? What is worth remembering?

Qualities of a Good Landscape

Here at Picket Fences Landscape Design and Construction, these are the qualities that we always emphasize to give clients a better perspective on what it means to have a good landscape:

Aesthetic Appeal. This quality is one of the more obvious ones and, one would argue, the most important. The landscaping is usually the first thing that visitors will see, so you want it to be visually attractive. A good attractive landscape is one where the overall tone and flow of it, is “relaxing and Inviting to stay” and its elements and design complement the architecture and functionality of the house or business where it was created. So it is imperative that homeowners or companies project their image through their landscaping aesthetics.

Ergonomic Consideration. A good landscape is not only a visual masterpiece but also a welcoming and accommodating space. Real estate is hard enough to come by, so establishing a communal space, whether it is for your employees, clients, the general public, or family, is greatly beneficial to communicating to visitors that you created the space to welcome them! An attractive landscape will create the ambiance you are looking to achieve when receiving people, setting up the proper tone to entertain or do business. The placement of novel elements can also be considered, especially with today’s social media crowd.

Deliberate Functionality. As aesthetically appealing and ergonomically considerate as your landscaping might be, it should also be functional. This means that a good landscape design is one where its “functionality” serves as an extension of the main building increasing your living area. The landscaping should be designed to satisfy the needs of its owner, weather it is “Reading, Meditating, Swimming, or Coking”, or a combination of all, if the space and budget allows.

Distinctive Style. While a good landscape obscures the imperfections of a building’s exterior façade and keeps its external space clean and orderly: effectual landscaping adds character and uniqueness to it through a singularity of a design vision or an amalgam of trends or motifs. The best landscapes incorporate local styles while still projecting an individual disposition. 

Inbuilt Practicality. A good landscape, while embodying all previous qualities, is also practical in nature. What does practicality mean in this case? A landscape might be gorgeous or possess intricate and distinct design, but it will not last if it is highly impractical and untenable. The landscape design should be easily maintained and has navigable pathways for gardeners, technicians, etc., to go through. Ideally, the landscaping outside your place should be neat and appealing—while also being easy enough to care for within your budget and time restraints.

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