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A formal conversation between you and your attorney is already a legal consultation. It’s to brief clients about the case and determine the proper legal counsel to handle it. Let’s explore how legal consultation works and what clients can get from it.

Legal consultation is fundamental in building the attorney-client relationship. During this transaction, legal fees are also discussed in detail. Both client and attorney can benefit from this, and as a paying client, you’d also want to make the most out of the little time and maxed resources you must shell out.

Essential tips for any legal consultation

It pays for any client to be prepared when going through the legal consultation process. However, this might be unfamiliar to some, so here are some hacks for any first-time client looking for legal counsel:

1 – Bring complete documents

Ensure that you bring all the documents in your possession, as long as they’re related to your case. You can even photocopy them to keep the original copies with you. Your attorney will need all of those files to build your case.

2 – Take notes carefully

Before you meet with your attorney for a legal consultation, write down all the questions or comments you’d like to direct to your attorney. Since there might be a tendency for you to forget specific agendas the moment you’re in their office. Jotting down your expectations is also good so that the attorney can provide any possible outcome and devise the best strategy for your situation.

3 – Dress appropriately

It’s a crucial rule of thumb to dress according to the occasion. You must look your best and present yourself well when meeting your attorney. Although the case might be stressful, dressing well might help you boost your confidence and gain some sense of control.

4 – Be transparent with your attorney

It pays to be honest at all times with your attorney, even if it’s the ugly truth. Part of their sworn oath is never to break their clients’ trust, lest they face the consequences regarding their ethics. It would help if you told your attorney the finest detail, so they know what to do moving forward. When you’re honest with your attorney, they can be more efficient in building your case since confidentiality is part of the attorney-client privileges.

5 – Discuss the costs

You must be prepared to discuss how payments will go with your attorney. Legal fees are not a joke, as they are expensive and can drain your finances if the case gets dragged out. Not to worry, though, as your attorney will assist you with various legal options you can afford. Some attorneys often discuss a payment plan and then put them in writing before everything’s set in place.

6 – Ask questions as much as you can

Your attorney is there to help you within their total capacity. You need to get to the bottom and understand the case through legal counseling. The attorney will explain everything thoroughly and is willing enough to answer any questions you might have. You must prepare and inquire about the case to familiarize yourself with the process.

7 – Listen to your attorney

The attorneys are legally trained to give sound advice and aid their clients with sufficient education and experience. You must follow their lead and trust them on what to do. Their legal advice is always in your best interest, so trust their judgment.

Legal Shield: Your trusted partner in legal assistance

Our company specializes in providing the best set of legal services, particularly in consultation. We have expert-level legal consultants in Oregon that will address all clients’ legal troubles and concerns without paying high fees.

We analyze, evaluate, and recommend suitable solutions for your case. You won’t have to worry about getting through the legal processes since our consultants are one of the most stellar legal professionals nationwide.

Lawyers don’t have all the magic to win every case. This is something you need to keep in mind as a client since it’s not advisable to keep one’s hopes up on winning their case. The more prepared you are before legal consultations, the more efficiently your lawyer can work on your case. And you can trust Legal Shield to provide the best consultation services.

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