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What makes a successful and eye-catching website design? Like any other design, web developers should know the basic principles of design. 

There are plenty of eye-catching website designs on the internet. A good design is essential, but a website should be user-friendly and have high-quality content. Web design has dramatically improved since the first website was made in 1991. Today, there are more than a billion active websites on the internet. This shows that web design is a lasting field. Wix is a platform where many website designers and fans gather.

What is a Web Design? 

Web design means planning and arranging things on a website so everyone can see it on the internet. It’s about how things look and work on a website. This includes colors, fonts, pictures, and how people use them. Nowadays, making a website is essential for being online. So, web design is constantly changing. It keeps getting better, even for things like mobile apps and how people use websites. This helps the people who own websites and the people who visit them. Web design usually involves working with others who know about things like numbers about websites, making them easy to find on the internet, and how people use them. Web designers work with these experts to ensure the website looks good and works well.

Principles of an Eye-Catching Website Design 

Balanced Design 

Balance in design is like keeping things steady, whether symmetrical or not. If designers arrange things carefully, the design can stay balanced. You can adjust how things look by changing color and size or adding/removing stuff. For example, a bright orange cross could make things unsteady again. Achieving an unbalanced balance is tricky, needing time and a trained eye. Good designs have a solid balance, and the designs here meet all seven principles we discuss. So, look closely and see if they all look right to you.

Choosing Colors 

Choose two or three primary colors for your design. Then, use lighter versions (mixed with white) and darker versions (mixed with black) of these colors to make more choices when needed. Picking good colors is just as important as choosing the correct ones. For instance, a warm and friendly restaurant website could use natural colors like reds and browns. Remember, each color has a meaning, and it’s your job to use them correctly.

Choose The Right Font 

First, know your brand identity and personality. Understand these before picking a font that expresses your company’s style without words. Begin by thinking of words that describe your brand. If you’re “in charge” or “teach,” a classic font could work. If you’re “funny” or “playful,” try a fancy font. For “new” and “sleek,” think about a simple font. Also, notice fonts from brands you like. Look up brands you admire and see what fonts they use. See how different fonts can make people feel. You should mix a fun font from one brand with a modern font from another.

Design for Target Audience 

To make a great design, you need to know who will use it. This helps you choose the best design parts like fonts, colors, layout, and how to move around on the website. Besides knowing about your audience, like their age, and where they live, you should also learn what they like and care about. Who are they? What do they want? What’s important to them? What other companies do they buy from? What stuff do they use? The more you understand them, the better you can design a website they will like and find helpful.

Usability and High-Quality Content 

The success or failure of a website depends on how easy it is to use and how useful it is, not just how it looks. The people visiting the site make all the decisions by clicking the mouse, so making designs that focus on users has become a standard for successful web design. After all, if users can’t use a feature, it’s like it’s not even there. People like things that work well and are trustworthy. If a page has excellent stuff, users are okay with ads and how the page looks. That’s why websites with good content but not-so-great designs get many visitors over time. What’s inside (range) is more important than the design around it.

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