Clean Water International is among the organizations providing clean drinking water to communities, but they too need our help.

Clean, safe drinking water is essential to every community. Without it, communities cannot thrive. Clean water is needed to sustain quality life and ensure progress. However, not all communities have access to clean and drinkable water. Water sources are contaminated in some parts of the world, while others have been diverted to serve corporate and private interests. That is why it’s good to learn that organizations and individuals are committed to providing safe drinking water to communities and empowering them to rise above the challenges of getting safe drinkable water. Clean water International is one of those organizations. But the demand for sustainable clean water requires resources, and even the most stable organizations like Clean Water International need our support for the mission and vision to reach as many communities as possible.

Donate to Clean Water International

Donating money to an organization is the most convenient way to help its cause. A small amount can go a long way, and for organizations like Clean Water Organization, it is undoubtedly a welcome help. There are two ways you can donate funds to groups like Clean Water International. First is the One-Time where you can donate any amount. The second option is by becoming a Foundation partner, where you’ll be donating monthly.

Launch a Campaign or do a Fundraiser

Doing a good deed sounds excellent if you are doing it with friends. Groups like Clean Water International encourages workplace campaign and fundraiser. You can fund a project with your co-workers to create a custom donation page for your workplace campaign. Another way to help Clean Water International is to do a fundraiser on your birthday or any special event. Donating becomes extra meaningful when you share it with others.

Shop for a cause and spread the news

How about helping a good cause while shopping great buys? You can do this with Clean Water International. CWI works with Amazon Smile in providing help to various communities with sustainable clean drinking water. If you shop at, they will donate to your favorite charitable organization like Clean Water International at no cost at all. You can also help by spreading the news and promoting the Clean Water Internation and its programs on various digital platforms on social media. The more people will know about this charitable organization, the more potential donations and assistance will go their way and into their sponsored communities.

Support by providing in-kind donations

Don’t want to give cash? That is okay. You can always donate something else to help the organization continue its operations. Clean Water International accepts in-kind donations. You can choose to give away goods and services, including vehicles, computers, equipment, office supplies, and other sources that will aid in the organization’s daily operation and help them reach the communities involved in their program.

Co-Branding, Representing, and others

There is no limit to how we can help a good cause. Aside from donations, fundraisers, and shopping for a cause, we can also help Clean Water International reach a wider audience. Co-branding is another venue to promote the organization and its programs. Another way is to represent Clean Water International in your organization and projects. You can also engage in project coordination, including monitoring, documentation, and reporting.

Clean Water International is dedicated to providing water, sanitation, and hygiene (WaSH) education and technology solutions to communities worldwide.

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