Travel season is coming up. When hoping to have the most convenient trip, most people would prefer driving their own cars or renting one to avoid the troublesome transfers from one transportation to another. If you’re part of this population, here’s how to ensure a smooth trip.

You’ve already booked your hotel with the perfect view of the beach or a peaceful view of the nature outside; planned out your itinerary with the most efficient way to maximize your days. You’ve made sure to prearrange all the other necessary reservations for your activities to ensure your trip goes as smoothly as possible. But when you’re already on the road, you find yourself with a flat tire and without extra ones at hand.

Without even reaching your destination, your vacation has already been ruined. What could you have done to avoid such an experience?

Check your tires and their pressure

Above your tickets and hotel reservations, the primary things you should check before leaving your house are your tires. Inspect all of them and make sure you have a spare one with you. One of the main reasons people get flat tires isn’t because of debris but because their tires were already worn out beforehand. Check for any scratches, bumps, or abnormalities on them that might cause problems along your trip. Other than the tires’ condition, you also need to check your tire pressure and make sure it isn’t less than what your provider instructed your tires to have.

Check your car’s fluids

Your car has six essential fluids that need to be checked regularly, especially before any long travels. Estimate how far and how long you’ll take your car on the road and make sure you’ve refilled these necessary fluids. For those still unfamiliar, these fluids include your car’s oils, radiator fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, windshield fluid, and transmission fluid. Besides making sure your fluids are filled, you should also have your car checked for any possible leaks, which will cause more problems moving forward. And since you’re traveling a longer distance than usual, you may also pack extra of these fluids for your car’s maintenance – just make sure that you’ve filled them safely.

Check if your brakes function properly

One of your car’s features that will ensure your safety is your brakes. Therefore, you must make sure they run smoothly and aren’t producing any weird noises when used. If you feel that something’s amiss, take your car to a repair shop and ensure that the professionals have checked and confirmed that there’s nothing wrong with them. You can also ask them to check your brakes and the overall condition of your car for any necessary repairs.

Check the overall condition of your car

Checking the overall condition of your car includes checking the interior of your car, its wiper blades, doors, and keyholes.

Though it can be trivial, since you’re traveling for a more extended period, you need to prioritize your comfort over the aesthetics. This includes checking and adjusting if your seat becomes too hot with prolonged contact. Aside from your interior, the wiper blades also play a crucial part in one’s safety when driving. Your wiper blades’ condition declines the longer they’re used. Depending on how long and far you’re planning to travel, keep your blades in perfect condition.

On top of these, you should also make sure that your door closes appropriately to avoid being victimized by theft and putting yourself in any dangerous situation. In making sure that your door secures appropriately, you should also ensure there isn’t any malfunctioning with your keys.

If you find any issues concerning your door or your keys, you may contact a locksmith to remedy them. If you’re looking for a trusted locksmith service around the area, you can contact Infinity Key Locksmith for any assistance regarding lock repair in San Diego. And if you’re out of the area, you can check their website and see if they offer service around your place.  Don’t get too fixated on planning for fun when planning your vacation. Also, check and ensure that getting there will be efficient and safe. Your car’s condition should be one of the first things you arrange for your travel essentials.

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