Every occasion always comes with a gift that is valuable to an extent. Tokens of appreciation are commonly given to express gratitude, among other things. This time, we’ll explore something which is a popular gift item: Mugs.

Of course, it’s common knowledge that mugs are used to store liquid, particularly drinkable ones. It’s also widely known that mugs are one of the most gifted items of all time, and people often take home souvenirs in the form of one or more mugs featuring graphics of the places they visited.

So if you’re thinking of giving someone a personalized mug, it would be best to familiarize yourself with its varieties; since it also reflects on the receiver’s personality.

Why Give a Mug as a Gift

Mugs are pretty much gender-neutral items and are perfect for both the young and old. Any occasion also calls for a mug, and giving one is perfect. So if you are giving a good-quality mug to someone, much more if it’s personalized with sentimental messages, it would mean a lot to the person receiving such a gift.

The Different Types of Mugs

In this guide, you’ll learn about the different types of mugs and how they match with hot and cold drinks. This is important to remember since mugs with specific materials can’t handle warm or cold beverages well. Although the good news is you can still get them customized, regardless of the type of mug.

Beer Mugs

This drinkware meant for beer also has another set of sub-categories with a common purpose. This is also a good mug for formal events like weddings if the guests are up for a drink. Beer Mugs are better-looking than bottles and cans in such formal settings.

Eco-Friendly Mugs

If you want to save the environment, using an eco-friendly mug should be one small way to do it. These eco-friendly mugs are made of organic materials that are durable and sustainable. These types of mugs are perfect as a gift for an environmentally-conscious person.

Mugs With Spoons

They are also known as spooner mugs with a mini spoon that Anybody can insert at the handle with holes. This mug is convenient for people who love stirring their coffee or any other drink without having to use the typical disposable stirrer.

Novelty Mugs

Giving someone a unique mug that is likely to stand out seems like a good idea for a gift. Some stores have novelty coffee mugs in USA, which are also customizable. Aside from the mug being quirky and one of a kind, you can even personalize it.

Magic Mugs

They are also called heat-changing mugs, transforming mugs, and disappearing mugs. It is a fully blacked-out mug that suddenly changes into a color or image once it’s filled with hot liquid. It used thermochromic ink to make this trick happen. The change in this mug usually works, depending on the level of the hot beverage is at. It changes into its regular black mug once the temperature cools.

Travel Mugs

These mugs are ultra-convenient because of the lid and tiny sipping hole. Moreover, travel mugs are spill-proof, depending on how tight the caps are. They also have vacuum insulation where they keep the temperature of the liquid warm for a long time.

Soup Mugs

Not all mugs only contain coffee and other drinks! Anyone can enjoy a hearty soup meal with a soup spoon hooked at the mug’s handle. Coffee can still be drinking from this mug, and it’s also perfect for eating ice cream since the mug is a bit wide.

Different Types of Mugs for Different Temperatures

Here is a list of the mug materials that are either compatible with hot or cold drinks:

Mugs for Hot Liquid

  • Ceramic Mugs
  • Porcelain Mugs
  • Stone Mugs

Mugs for Cold Liquid

  • Acrylic Mugs
  • Ceramic Mugs
  • Copper Mugs
  • Corn Plastic Mugs
  • Glass Mugs
  • Metal Mugs
  • Polypropylene Mugs
  • Porcelain Mugs
  • Stone Mugs
  • Wheat Straw Mugs

Now that the different mugs have been laid out, it’s easier to determine which type suits the gift receiver best and have the mug personalized before giving it to them. It may not be food-related, but a Milla Glow skincare collection would also be a perfect fit if anyone plans to give out a custom-printed mug as a gift. They have organic bath soaps and other products that help nourish the skin, and what could be more perfect than that for self-care? You can try getting one right away!

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