Landing on these legitimate Business Review Sites will significantly increase credibility for digital website building companies.

One of the essential components for the success of digital website building companies is the business review they generate from a client or a business partner. But for these positive reviews to benefit them (increase sales, solidify business reputations, increase web traffic, etc.), they must be found on reputable business review sites. Below are the top five business review sites we think can really make a difference for any digital marketing company.

Google My Business

For any business, Google My Business remains the ultimate review site. It is the number 1 in United States Ranking (Alexa). Google Review boasts monthly average traffic of 158.03 million in the U.S. Its shares 19% of the total traffic (United States). It is the ideal business review tool because it is free and managed by Google and because it puts your business on Search, maps, and Google +. It cements your reputation online while making your business easy to find. Remember, Google’s search engine has over 3.5 billion searches every day and is the number one search engine today.

Amazon Reviews

Although Amazon holds the number three ranking in Google ranking, we can hardly imagine Amazon as anything more than a repository of books and other literary materials. With over 85.44 million monthly traffic, the site is indeed one of the most reputable. Unknown to many, Amazon is also a review site for e-commerce products. Amazon’s design and features as a business review site are pretty remarkable. It allows you to set up automated emails to be sent post-purchase, use social channels to ask for Amazon reviews, and request reviews from users who reviewed similar products. Also, Amazon holds 63% of the total voting percentage.

Better Business Bureau

Better Business Bureau (BBB) is one of the oldest and most reliable business review sites. Established more than a hundred years ago, BBB covers around 400 000 businesses in North America alone. While their policy includes not recommending or endorsing any specific business, product, or service, their rating system, and customer reviews serve as essential components in digital marketing. While BBB is ranked at 647th, its monthly traffic averages at around 6.15 million. It’s a trustworthy review site that features a Customer Review Generator, BBB Customer review toolkit, and the option to share positive reviews with the business social media, thus allowing the reviews to spread to other platforms.


This popular Danish review site is great for digital marketing companies to build their online reputation. Although it does not rank at the top of the Google rankings, its total number of visits is 44. 4 million. Over 120 million reviews on their site with 6.9 billion monthly impressions on their TrustBox widgets. Trustpilot reviews are personalized and feature star ratings (one star as the lowest and a five-star rating as the highest). Covering more than 47 countries, Trustpilot boasts wide coverage and hots review of businesses worldwide, with nearly a million fresh reviews appearing on the site each month. Trustpilot is set apart from other review sites because of its freemium services to businesses.


Facebook is more than a social media platform. It’s also an e-commerce hub as most businesses are also present on Facebook. Users sell, purchase, trade, and do business on Facebook. With over 85.57 million average monthly traffic and number 3 on the Google rankings, Facebook reviews are sure to impact any business. Facebook or Meta is the most relevant, most popular, and accessible social media platform. That alone is enough to catch any entrepreneur’s attention. Whether you are doing SEO, link building, Social Ads, content marketing, and other digital marketing materials, Facebook is one of the best places to promote any business.

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