Don Nash Flooring is a reliable flooring service provider operating since 1987.

There’s no more critical challenge quite as frustrating as old, worn-out floors. In your house, you can simply paint the walls and add some accessories and furniture, but replacing and maintaining an entire floor is a much bigger—and costlier job. That’s the truth we have to face. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be changed. That doesn’t mean you just have to live with your old and ratty carpeting or scuffed-up vinyl. These days, there are a lot of flooring options and services, but the question is, does it meet your expectations and needs for your floor?  

What’s best for your floor must come first. With this notion, we can really say that what we choose, either a floor material or service is reliable and friendly. On the business side of things, there are many options, especially when selecting a service provider, but nothing close to Don Nash Flooring when it comes to providing the customer the best flooring services that fit your needs.  

Don Nash Flooring Offers services such as Mobile Carpet Sales and Carpet Installation. Firstly, they bring the warehouse to you with mobile carpet sales. Choosing the right carpet and securing its benefits has never been convenient. In this dilemma, they help select the quality carpets right in the comfort of your own home. The industry’s expertise can help you determine what carpets best fit your lifestyle and room in your home. Because of their tested experience, they have deep knowledge of the different types of carpets on the market and understand some dilemmas that often occur in your rooms or the house. Secondly, they make sure that the Carpet Installation is flawlessly performed and should have a 100 % satisfaction guarantee. While working efficiently, they also work with great precision, ensuring proper measurements and other necessary workloads.

Here are the reasons why Don Nash Flooring is an excellent fit for your Flooring needs:

Tested by Time 

Don Nash Flooring has been in the business since 1987. This company went through many things, and you can guarantee that their service will provide the best of their experiences to do a job that is done through mastery.


Do Nash Flooring provides professional work to add something special to your everyday life. From floor preparation that includes cleaning your work area, replacing any old metals or loose strips to make the carpet hassle-free, prepping the floor—flattening, sealing, and cleaning, Floor Installation provides you an easy heart if done beautifully. And lastly, The Finishing stage, where Proper cutting, stain9ing, and finishing of the T-molding, quarter round, base baseboards, and other trims are observed. This part of your floor installation requires creativity as you may need to customize your decoration to suit your application.

Flexible and Workable

Don Nash Flooring can work with carpet in any room of the house, from laundry to living rooms and bedrooms and more. This characteristic is essential in searching for a service provider because it gives you comfort and ease knowing that your service provider can do any work at any part of your house with precision and mastery of the work. In addition, the company can be your partner that would help and give you some insights and knowledge about your floor. The company is open to your ideas on how designs and floor materials best suit your house and your taste.

Partnered by Best Quality Brands of Materials

Don Nash Flooring stocked brands of carpets and other flooring materials that would guarantee the best work and type of texture, color, and other important materials usage. This is to ensure that service is always favorable to the customer and never falls short in performing the only goal: to make the customer feel happy.

The Best Service Will Bring to your Door

At Don Nash Flooring, they bring the best service right at your doorsteps. Professional installation of your carpet and other flooring needs made easy will knock at your doors when you contact 612-210-2941 or visit the page to schedule your appointment with them. When it comes to top-quality carpets and expert installation, they are the name to trust!

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