Water is essential to life, yet about 884 million people do not have safe water to drink. According to the new report from World Health Organization, the water crisis today is one of the most pressing global risks in terms of impact on society. 

Across the globe, many people have to walk long distances to find a water source. Some have to wait for the rains to bless them with water, while others have to pay hefty amounts to secure any water at all. The water crisis has disproportionately affected children, with many ending up sick and failing to finish education. 

UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore said, “Even before the pandemic, millions of children and families were suffering without clean water, safe sanitation, and a place to wash their hands.” Hence, Clean Water International forges a path to clean drinking water progress for the poorest populations despite the difficult circumstances. It is Clean Water International’s mission to provide safe household drinking water to the vast numbers of people in the world who do not have this access and build partnerships with individuals and organizations to turn the tide of the world’s water crisis and help the marginalized reap its benefits. 

In this post, we’re going to identify the vital benefits of access to clean drinking water. 

Safe Drinking Water for Generations

Transformational change starts with a single drop—a drop of hope for a better future. This season, join Clean Water International to help connect the community with a clean water source by installing water connections in homes and schools and providing water purification infrastructure.

With your kindness, Clean Water International’s hope turned to action and action to change—a world of change for the hundreds of children and families who will never grow with memories of walking to collect or drink contaminated water. The organization assures to lead communities into a better future for the next generation.

Safe Drinking Water Transforms Communities

Clean Water International has seen how water changes everything: access to safe water fuels health, hope, education, optimism, and prosperity. It boosts opportunities for everyone, especially women and girls. Many children can stay in school longer. No longer will communities worry about the risk of getting waterborne diseases. Fewer people succumb to illnesses caused by contaminated water. Everything will change when you partner with the organization to build a new water point in villages.

With the drinking water projects by Clean Water International, you’ll see increased education and improved health, bringing economic prosperity to communities. Many families will have more time to work, play, and spend time together. 

Safe Drinking Water Gives Dreams 

When the water arrives at remote and marginalized communities, it gives everyone the future, especially the youth. Safe drinking water provides the foundation for them to dream and prosper. Often, students miss classes to fetch water several miles from their homes or because they were sick from drinking dirty water. 

Access to safe drinking water will change all of this. With your support and donation, the organization can empower hundreds of students. Water gives health, time, and education. It gives students hope, joy, and the chance to reach their full potential. 

Safe Drinking Water Means Meaningful Progress

We all know that improved drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene changes everything. That’s why Clean Water International is committed to building lasting solutions to end the global water crisis, not just for today but for the years to come. The organization, in partnership with you and local leaders, can implement the right sustainable solutions to make sure there are safe drinking water services. Although this may be small-scale feats, the team will work years, not days, until every single person—even the hardest-to-read, the most vulnerable—has access to clean and reliable water services; thus, empowering locals.

Despite the many impressive water services progress to date, the alarming and growing needs continue to outstrip responses. The time has come to dramatically accelerate efforts to provide every child and family with the most basic needs for their health and well-being. So team up with Clean Water International today to build lasting solutions to end the global water crisis.

The organization relies on the generosity of people and corporations, just like you, donating what they can towards the goal of providing clean, safe drinking water for all. What are you waiting for? Change lives, communities, and countries by joining forces with this outstanding organization to make clean water available to everyone forever. 


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