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If you are trying to consider cost-effective ways to improve the interior of your home, you cannot go wrong with just adding a renewed coat of interior paint.

Interior painting tasks are a great way to update and rejuvenate the rooms in your home. However, internal painting is not the only way to add new life to your home’s walls and rooms; wall texturing is also a great way to add some profundity and appeal to your interior space. 

Drywall is a lightweight textile made up of gypsum and is widely utilized by homeowners all around the home of every American. At One Handy Haole, in complement to offering Home Remodeling services, they also provide professional Drywall/texturing services on Maui Island. Their main endeavor is to revitalize the interior of your home.

 On Handy Haole Drywall Services 

Repair, Finish, and Many more! 

Shirking drywall projects can lead to further impairment down the road. Whether you’re applying the final touches on a current remodeling task or mending up some wear and tear, our experts can get the job done.

Drywall Repairs and Finishing 

On Handy Haole, drywall contractors can perform drywall repairs and drywall finishing services using their reliable repair and maintenance services such as doorknob holes, moisture

damage, children and mice damage, throwing darts holes, and drywall anchor holes. 

Crown molding installation and repair

Proper crown molding installation is essential for adding value and style to your home. It’s also one of our specialties. From colonial to modern and more, the experienced and

fully insured handymen will ensure the crown molding reflects the style of the home.  

Custom Shelving and Bookcases

The good shelves can bring a room concurrently. Shelving is where storage meets style. One Hany Haole team of handymen can build and install a variety of shelving options that elevate any room in your house. 

Crown Molding and Trim Painting 

Painting crown molding and trim can be tiresome tasks. They suggest painting the trim or molding before you install it. This saves you time, money, and an inadequate paint job. Let our home modification experts know if you’re interested in staining or painting your new or current crown molding. 

On Handy Haole Texturing Services 

 Textured interior walls are still ubiquitous in homes throughout the country. There is a mixture of distinct texturing choices available, but a preponderance of the homes you walk into makes it feasible to have some texturing on their walls. 

Due to most people’s understanding, wall texturing is an easy way to make a complete glimpse of your interior walls. Frequently, wall texturing is the finishing stage in a new house building or home renovates and represents that the walls are prepared for interior painting. 

Wall texturing creates a pleasant aesthetic 

Wall texturing can be utilized to assemble a detailed aesthetic in your residence. Because the texture can be used using various techniques to execute a variety of other types, there are a ton of choices to select from that can enhance the aesthetics of your house.

 Custom-made textures can be formed using a towel or any number of application ways. Applying heavy texture using the towel method can make a theatrical look in the living area, or it can be utilized as a kitchen backsplash. 

Wall texturing hides minor flaws 

After drywall installation, the taped stitchings where the sheets of drywall meet and other defects do not help the attraction of a room. Before using paint, wall texturing can efficiently conceal minor imperfections familiar with drywall installation. Wall texturing can also fix and shroud any wall crevasse, and it is straightforward to paint over. 

Wall texturing is an easy yet impactful piece that can make a distinction in your home. Finished interior walls will look much better when you pay attention to the quality of the texture on your walls. 

At One Handy Haole, their drywall and texturing experts can help you build the walls in your house to look better and stand out more. If you want to learn more about their services, visit their website at or Call them (808) 425-2201 for a free estimate. 

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