Break-ups can be challenging. Whether it’s with a partner you’ve been with for three months or a high school sweetheart, break-ups can be tough. Everyone feels different during the break-up. Some people feel remorse. Some feel rejected. Others feel regret. Some feel guilt. Regardless of the circumstance, people have to look after themselves during a break-up to make it easier to handle. Here are some ways to help you get over a break-up:

1. Recognize your Emotions.

Bottling up emotions is one of people’s most common things when they break up with someone. Most people call it the “denial” phase, where people constantly deny that things have come to an end. Though this phase is normal, try as much as possible not to drag out this stage and come to terms with the break-up at your own pace.

Recognizing what you felt because of the break-up is also essential. If you feel frustrated, then vent your emotions. If you feel sad, then cry. If you are angry, then allow yourself to get mad. Bottling up your feelings can not only lead to mental stress and a bigger breakdown later on, but it can also add physical stress to your body.

2. Change your Environment.

A change in environment is often good. Because of that, many go on trips when they break up with someone to help see a new point of view of their relationship or life in general, significantly if that break-up changes the way you originally planned your future. An expensive incursion is unnecessary; even a small drive to a nearby beach or park could already help you clear your mind.

However, if you don’t have the luxury of time, or just don’t like traveling in general, switching up the look of your home (especially if you spent a lot of time with your ex there or used to live with them) can help you get over and avoid remembering moments with them. Interior painting in Vancouver, Canada, if available to you, could help change the look of your old apartment by switching up the colors or look of your walls. Rearranging the furniture or replacing broken pieces altogether would also give your home a new look.

3. Talk to Family and Friends.

Support is needed during a break-up. When you leave someone behind or when somebody leaves you, it is always good to remind yourself of the other people in your life. No matter how much you think to yourself that you don’t have a lot of friends or that you’re not close to your family, in one way or another, there is always someone you can confide in. You can also choose to meet and let in new friends who can support you.

Talking about your feelings can help get your mind off things and a new perspective on your break-up. Perhaps you are being too hard on yourself or just overthinking; friends can help point out these “faulty mindsets” which you might be criticizing yourself on.

4. Give Yourself Space.

Giving yourself space is an excellent way to get over your ex. Avoid places and circumstances where you know you’re going to run into them, especially if you know you aren’t completely over it yet or may spiral out of control. It isn’t healthy to keep calling your ex or bringing up old memories you had with them.

Space also refers to online spaces. Stop “checking up” or stalking your ex on social media, especially if you know that they have moved on. Each person has a different pace in getting over a break-up, so avoid being too hard on yourself when this happens.

5. Keep Busy.

Too much free time can be detrimental, especially if you end up reminiscing on the memories you had with your ex. If you had specific times when you spent with your ex, try looking for another hobby or group of friends to find something to do in that time slot.

6. Avoid Alcohol.

Alcohol and drugs are not your friends. They do not help you get over a break-up, and they do not help you forget. What they do is just trick your mind into delaying and slowing down the break-up and healing process. Remember that you still have a life outside your break-up, and it isn’t worth it to ruin your life or potential of a better one by using drugs (which is often illegal) and drinking (especially if you are underage).

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