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The online marketing place is one big jungle! Only the fittest and the most substantial business can survive the aggressive competition. How to stand out and come out as the winner? Here’s what you need to know. 

When Facebook was launched in 2004, the world of social media and social networking was never the same. In a short amount of time, this social media platform transformed peoples’ relationships and lives with the ease of communication anywhere and anytime as long as there’s internet access. People now have the means to obtain information quickly as giant media outlets use this platform to their advantage to reach a broader – a worldwide audience – to share news and information. 

And the sector that was able to benefit the most? The commercial or business industry.  

But Facebook is not the only one out there changing the world of business and how they do its marketing. You have your Instagram that leverages on ease of photo and video sharing. There is microblogging Twitter where business owners can quickly gain insights into consumers’ thoughts and opinions. Professional networking platform LinkedIn makes connecting with other businesses and job seekers effortless. And YouTube video-sharing website proves how significant video creation influences consumers’ decisions. 

Social Media Marketing to Boost Business 

Business marketing is about influencing or impacting consumers’ decisions, a critical factor that makes up a marketing strategy. A marketing strategy is often described as a long-term plan to reach a targeted group of customers to turn them into actual buying consumers. This type of strategy is an essential part of any business plan, which is why without it, the whole enterprise structure itself falls apart.  

When the consumer public jumped on the bandwagon of online networking, traditional marketing evolved into what is now known as digital marketing. 

Digital marketing covers the entire online or e-commerce platform. One of the strategies of digital marketing is, yes, social media marketing. 

Probably a top contender when it comes to brand promotion, social media marketing is evident anywhere and everywhere! 

People saw the rise of “influencers” – the ordinary, everyday type of people advocating for brands, products, and businesses. Whatever these influencers say in print, video, or any content creation, their loyal followers will emulate. Social media marketing is about creating customer engagement and ensuring that the brand has positively impacted its potential consumers. 

How to utilize social media marketing for your business? Read on. 


Right at the onset of creating your social media marketing plans, it’s best to formulate goals based on a SMART method. SMART refers to objectives that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound. 

Specific – goals should be clearly defined, without ambiguity. 

Measurable – goals that can be measured or monitored in their progress. 

Achievable – goals that are realistic and attainable.

Relevant – goals should align with the company’s objectives, mission, and vision.

Time-bound – goals need to have a deadline or a target date to put some bit of that pressure to make it realistic. A time-bound plan keeps people on their toes and focused on working towards longer-term goals. 

Social Media Target Market

Identifying your target market is essential in any marketing strategy to help business owners save time, effort, and resources by staying focused on a specific group. A target market is identified through demographics research. People are grouped according to age, gender, location, education, income, culture, behavior, etc. Knowing your target consumers can help you narrow your search for people who will most likely be interested in your products. 

Boost Brand Awareness

A product’s engagement depends on how strong the campaign of its brand awareness is or how familiar the consumers are with the product or the business itself. So if your product has a robust and solid brand awareness campaign, your business will stand out among the competition. 

One way to increase brand awareness through social media is to know your target audience (this is where your SMART goals and customer demographics come into play). Once you know your consumer group, go to social media platforms where they are most likely to use it. Customize your business social media account to appeal to this group, and create exciting content (video or written blogs).  

Leverage what’s trending, and you these on your content. Use industry influencers and their connections and followers to promote your brand and product. 

Invest in Content Creation

Each social media platform has different requirements for content creation and posts. For example, Twitter is limited to the number of characters. Instagram is more on visual posts, such as photos and videos. And while Facebook can take in texts, photos, and videos, depending on who your targeted customers are, it is always advisable to create Facebook contents that appeal most to them – although the use of links would be helpful. 

When creating content for these platforms, be mindful of their requirements AND your consumers’ interests. Invest in tools that maximize photos and videos to make your products or brand look visually appealing—leverage on content writers who are good at copywriting or playing around with words.   

Digital marketing companies such as Orange Digital Technologies offer convenient social media marketing solutions for your business’s needs. The firm’s services include:

  • Web designing.
  • Logo design.
  • Promotional video and content marketing.
  • YouTube and Google advertising.
  • Social media management.

 If you’re after quality content creation, go to the experts like Orange Digital Technologies.


Don’t forget to stay active on your social media accounts because it’s how you keep your customers and potential consumers engaged is what matters – and the key to your business’s success! 

Tap social media marketing and make your business stand out by working with professionals. Contact Orange Digital Technologies at (619) 695-0098, toll-free number 1-855-892-9943, or email them at [email protected]

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