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Solar energy is necessary to maintain life on earth. Almost everything depends on the sun to a certain extent since it’s an infinite source of energy that can be used in multiple ways. What are the perks and disadvantages of working with such immense power?

Solar energy largely falls onto the earth in large amounts within one hour, but only little is used by people worldwide within the year. The technologies used to convert sunlight into usable energy are as follows: photovoltaic energy, passive solar technology, solar water heating, solar process heating/cooling, and concentrated solar power.

That is why with the abundance of technology surrounding solar energy, Axiom 360 provides the most outstanding solar battery backup installation in Santa Barbara. You get to save more by working with local solar installers who are specially trained and certified to do the task. Not only do you experience producing self-sufficient power, but you also get a 25-year warranty from installing a solar battery, securing massive savings.

Besides solar panels and home generators, our company guarantees quality installations, using only the best brands to power your homes and businesses. Book a 360 Experience with us today, and see what Axiom 360 has in store for you!

Advantages of having solar energy

If you’re up for having them at home or for your business establishments, here are some of the advantages and disadvantages you should consider:

1 – It is renewable

The fact that solar energy is a renewable source tops the benefits of having it around. It can be utilized and profited from in any part of the world. It’s also available all year round, depending on the season and location. This energy is infinite as long as the sun exists, unlike other limited sources that will most likely run out without constant replenishment.

2 – It heavily reduces electricity bills

With the help of solar energy, you can save on many energy bills. Still, it heavily depends on the size of the installed solar devices and the overall usage. In the case of businesses that rely on solar power, this resource can cover a massive amount of bills. Utilizing energy from the sun is one way of implementing cost-effective methods.

3 – It is a multipurpose resource

There are multiple ways in which solar energy can be used. For instance, it generates photovoltaic/electric and solar/heat energy, which are helpful in areas without access to proper energy grids. Electricity is also essential in providing power for water reserves that flow through different regions in the country. The same energy is also crucial in maintaining the operations of satellites in space.

Did you also know that solar power can be merged into construction materials? For example, transparent solar energy windows with built-in solar panels feature photovoltaic glazing, converting sunlight into electricity. The unlimited capabilities of solar power enabled such innovations to arrive and become an asset in our daily lives.

4 – Cost effective in terms of maintenance

The best thing about solar energy is how low the maintenance can be. As long as they’re kept clean a few times every year will do. If you’re unsure how to clean solar equipment, you can seek professional assistance to help clean the panels, batteries, and generators. Local installation services like Axiom 360 offer around 25 years of warranty, so check with their customer support to know more.

5 – Constant innovative technologies

The industry is a trailblazer of innovative creations that significantly contribute to the improvement of society and the future use of renewable energy. Research among different branches helps double the efficiency of solar batteries and panels, remarkably increasing electrical power input.

Disadvantages of having solar energy

Even though it’s an infinite and renewable energy source, solar power has its setbacks. These key points will also help you decide if you still want to use solar power.

1 – It can be expensive at first

Initially, investing in solar energy tends to be hefty. You have to pay for equipment, wiring, and installation. However, think about the long-term benefits of using energy from the sun to provide sufficient power. And with constant development, there might be a possibility of lowering the prices in the future. The battery storage price can also be high, depending on the capacity. That’s why they usually store energy during the day to save costs, and when evening comes, they borrow power from the grid.

2 – It relies on the weather

Weather conditions affect the functionality of solar equipment, particularly the panels that require constant sun exposure to absorb all the solar energy. Although it can still collect solar power between rainy and cloudy seasons, its efficiency isn’t so good. There’s also the problem of being unable to collect solar energy at night.

3 – Solar energy takes up a lot of space

The bigger the capacity of your solar equipment, the more space you need, especially in residential settings. A big yard is an advantage where you can store solar batteries and panels with good solar exposure. The roof is also an excellent place to store the equipment, although it won’t be as good if the roof space is equally tiny. Talk to professional consultants from Axiom 360 to know the perfect installation plan.

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