There are a lot of payoffs that come with furniture care, and these benefits serve as key motivating factors why people should pay attention closely to how they look after their furniture.

Most people have one piece of furniture in their possession that they have difficulty letting go of. For others, when one piece of furniture gets broken or damaged, it’s either set aside or thrown away. Some would rather throw away damaged furniture rather than keep them to save storage space and buy new furniture pieces. Admire Works is a one-of-a-kind furniture company that designs and builds customized furniture to meet customers’ requirements. The company produces multipurpose bistro type tables and chairs in Florida, well-suited for enjoying moments with family or friends and helping to enhance the interior or exterior spaces’ aesthetic value. 

Significance of Furniture Care

Furniture is an integral part of any space or venue to make them more livable or convenient to its users or occupant. Because of this, a piece of furniture needs to be well-kept or properly maintained. This will ensure that the furnishing is clean, will hold its appearance for a longer time, prevent fading or any signs of wear and tear, etc. And it will also ensure that whatever marks, stains, dirt, and grime will be effectively eliminated and cleaned out to protect the furniture’s overall functionality and structural integrity. 

Furniture Care Tips

Knowing the importance of having furniture is half the battle; learning how to care for them completes the whole deal. Cleaning and maintaining furniture is more than just washing with soap and water and wiping them down dry. The type of material, texture, design, color, and all of these physical features must be considered. And remember what the ultimate goal of furniture care is – cleanliness and preservation. 

Here are some excellent tips to start on that furniture care route:

Basic and Deep Cleaning

Basic cleaning involves using mild soap, often mild dish soap or detergent, and water using a damp washcloth. This first-step cleaning determines if a simple soap and water can quickly eliminate dirt, stains, grease, grime, odor, or whatever is stuck on the furniture. Be sure to use soap or detergent that’s free from ammonia. 

If basic cleaning doesn’t do the trick, it’s time for deeper cleaning. Deep cleaning cleans furniture more intensively and thoroughly. This cleaning method usually involves vacuum, steam, and a higher level of detergent appropriate to the furniture’s texture or material. Deep cleaning also removes odor, toxins, or allergens that can harm furniture users. 

Polish Furniture

Looking for that sparkle and shine in wood furniture? Want to protect the furniture’s surface? Then go for polishing the furniture. There are many benefits to polishing furniture. One of the benefits is an added layer of coating that protects the furniture from wear and tear, and protection leads to increase longevity. Regular polishing can also help eliminate any dust that would stick to the furniture’s surface, which is very beneficial for those with asthma or allergy issues. 

Be sure to use a furniture polish that does not contain alcohol since this will tend to cause surface damage, especially to wood finishes.  

Keep away from direct sunlight

Too much sunlight exposure can cause serious damage to furniture. Aside from drying and fading out surface textures and design, sunlight can also wear off polish or paint much quicker and even create irreparable cracks. As much as possible, keep any furnishings from being exposed to too much or direct sunlight for too long. 

Protect from pets

Who doesn’t love pets? But then again, despite their cute and cuddliness, pets must be kept away from furniture as much as possible. These furry little creatures could accidentally stain, scratch or even damage the furniture’s surface. Plus, they could also be germs and bacteria carriers that could leave these traces of contaminants on furniture surfaces, risking the health of those using these furnishings.  

Beautifully crafted timeless furniture, such as the products from Admire Works, need that love and care to make them last longer. A furniture’s beauty and functionality all begin from the craftsman’s hand, and CEO Vince Admire of Admire Works ensures that his clients receive nothing but the best quality furniture product – making his clients want to hold on to their furniture for a lifetime!  

Planning to have custom-made furniture? Call Admire Works at +1-727-656-6974 or send them an email at [email protected]

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