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Planeta Woodworking and our commitment to excellence and quality can be seen in our products. We do more than just chipping off wood and call it a day – the dedication to our craft translates into every board, furniture, accessory, signage, you name it.

Woodworking is easy to learn. But with hard work, patience, and perseverance, one can master the craft. It can be a personal hobby that people get into for stress relief; often, it can be a creative outlet with huge profit potential. Either way, it is a strenuous path that needs constant practice and commitment, whether you’re a master craftsperson or an amateur.

Nick Planeta: The Man Behind Planeta Woodworking

The origins of Planeta Woodworking began when the founder Nick Planeta was only 15 years old with a passion for woodworking and crafting. However, everything turned upside down in March 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world by storm. After taking time off school, Planeta used the time to continue woodworking, eventually promoting it to his social media pages.

The founder Nick Planeta is an Eagle Scout taking a Civil Engineering program at Quinnipiac University. He continually strives for excellence in his products and ethically sourcing materials throughout the United States.

The Humble Beginnings of Planeta Woodworking

It was nothing short of a miracle, as Planeta’s high-quality handiwork spread across the web, and demand rose afterward. He started making them daily and secured a partnership with a local store. Planeta then launched his business online via the website.

The success of Planeta Woodworking continued. From making DIY wood items to big custom projects like cabinetry, furniture, etc. Our expansion is something we never expected. Due to Planeta’s top-tier woodworking skills, the company made its way to the local newspaper. From a small basement shop to a multifunctional woodworking company, we are committed to retaining the traditional art of woodworking craft.

The Timeless History of Woodworking in Connecticut.

Planeta Woodworking is fortunate to be located in Connecticut, where a thriving community of woodworkers has been around for centuries. The fascinating and dynamic nature of the craft is credited to the talented artisans.

How Did the Woodworking Industry in Connecticut Come to Be?

Woodworking was considered an essential skill during the European settlement in the 1600s. It’s because artisans were heavily utilized to build wooden structures, furniture, homes, and everyday items. Connecticut is also rich in trees, and the industry was thriving with the state’s abundant wood supply. Today, the community became renowned for its high-quality crafts, and the Connecticut woodworking industry remains a vital part of the state economy.

Connecticut has a large pool of the best-skilled workers specializing in custom furniture, cabinetry, and architectural millwork. It is also the home of significant furniture manufacturing companies, including Ethan Allen. These brands helped establish Connecticut as an industry leader, along with their high-quality export furniture distributed all over the country and the world. Aside from producing traditional and modern furniture, Connecticut is also famous for its high-quality instruments and wooden tools.

Planeta Woodworking: You Name It, I’ll Build It! 

Even with our latest addition of technology like Precision Wood CNC Machining and Laser Engraving, our artisans are still the best at handmade crafts. Our products are still finished and inspected by hand to ensure quality. Our personalized wood signs made in the USA are the best you can find, so you’ll always go right with our trusted artisans.

Reliability and consistency are what Planeta Woodworking has been our goal. Hence we do what we do. We have been excellently servicing many customers since it started, so you are in good hands when you get our custom woodworking services. Besides being known for our stellar craft in woodworking, we also sell wooden maintenance products, which you can find in our shop. 

High-Quality Wooden Finds Are Only in Our Store.

We have been working towards quality maintenance and retention of excellence throughout the years since we started. Here are some of the items that you might like:

  • Custom Hardwood Noodle
  • Hardwood Trivets
  • Funny Signs
  • “The OG” – a take on the Classic Cutting Board
  • Charcuterie Boards
  • Deluxe Cribbage Boards
  • Custom Retirement Trays
  • Rustic Wooden Flags
  • Custom State Wall Art

You can always go right with Planeta Woodworking. Every purchase is secure, so you won’t have to worry about payments. Satisfaction is guaranteed in the items and custom services we produce. We also ship nationwide, so our items are nicely packed until it reaches your doorstep. Another best thing is that delivery is done on time. And if you have further inquiries about our services, we have dedicated customer care support to attend to your needs. So contact us immediately if you’re interested in what we can do.

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