Well-built houses are meant to last generations. They are supposed to be strong enough to withstand certain weather conditions, scorching hot summers, freezing winters, and everything in between. With minor repairs being taken into consideration, of course.

Whether a house is brand new or passed down from doting relatives, making it look new can be done without any structural changes. And without straining the wallet too much. 

There are specific considerations to be made when redecorating a home. 


The budget is a crucial factor to consider when redecorating or making improvements to a house. This dictates the size of the home improvement or redecorating project and the types of materials that could be considered affordable. 

Scouring the state or nearby neighborhoods for local sales (like mobile carpet sales in Minnesota or furniture sales in Arizona) can quickly help stretch the project’s budget. Second-hand stores are also a good source for cheap but serviceable materials. Repurposing furniture already on hand is another, more creative way of staying within budget. A little paint or some varnish, while cheap, can go a very long way towards making the old look new. 


No home improvement project should go on forever. Timelines are critical in projects, even personal ones. Setting a timeline for the project will help provide structure to the project. Setting a start and end date with timelines for every step can give an accurate account of the project’s progress. Timeline and budget go hand in hand. The longer the project takes to complete, the more money it eats. 

Personal taste

Every person has their preference. Cultural, societal, even religious factors are taken into consideration when redecorating a house. Personal tastes also set the tone of the home. From color palettes to the types of furniture, a house is the owner’s canvas, an expression of their tastes and preferences. 

After setting a budget and laying out the timeline, breathing fresh air into an old house can be as easy as:

1. Changing the drapes

Choosing light-colored curtains can easily brighten a room. Even opening a window that usually stays closed can already make a difference. 

2. Buying indoor plants

Nothing screams fresh like a handful of indoor plants with their vibrant leaves, bringing the colors of the outdoors into the house. These spots of color can bring life into a stale room. 

3. Cleaning the carpets and furniture

Time and grime can discolor carpets. Doing something as simple as deep cleaning the carpets can do wonders in making a room feel fresh. 

Washing old sofa cushions, buying new covers for the throw pillows, or applying a fresh coat of varnish or paint to old furniture can make them look new. 

Redecorating a house could also mean:

1. Buying new furniture

Getting rid of old furniture and bringing in ones with a more modern design will change the look and feel of any house. Sleek, futuristic furniture will make an old house feel modern, and classic-type furniture can make a house feel timeless. 

2. Repainting the walls

A fresh coat of paint can paint over the tired atmosphere of an old house. Bright colored paints can brighten a room, while darker hues bring a certain air of gravity or seriousness to a room. Some cultures believe specific colors bring luck to a home. Red is generally seen as a welcoming color. Yellow is believed to increase appetite and be a good color for a dining room. Blue promotes calm and positively impacts productivity and can be a good color candidate for a study room or a home office. 

3. Buying big-ticket items

Big-ticket items could be a new entertainment system or updating kitchen appliances. It could mean a new bed with that expensive memory foam mattress. These large purchases have a way of bringing any room into the modern era. 


Breathing new life into an old house can be a fun, relatively inexpensive project to undertake. Even something as simple as rearranging furniture, deep cleaning carpets and furniture, changing color schemes, or buying plants can make a home brighter and fresh. 

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