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Learning how to monitor online presence is an important skill for anyone (particularly businesses) to learn because it’ll help them identify what they’re doing right and their opportunities for growth.

Being in the digital marketing field, Orange Digital Technologies constantly aims to deliver great results that will have customers come back for more. Their work in business reputation management is top-notch, and they’ve aided many companies grow their online presence. Orange Digital Technologies is certainly one of the few service providers that proves the saying “You’re in good hands!” is true.

With that said, how exactly do these digital marketing service providers monitor their client’s online presence? Join us as we learn techniques to help us monitor our business’ online presence on our own!

1. Keep an Eye on Review Forums and Websites

Review forums and websites serve as online platforms that allow users to share their recommendations, opinions, or experiences regarding a certain service, brand, or product. These sites can majorly impact a business’s online reputation since potential clients often use what others have shared on them as an additional basis before making a purchase.

Trustpilot, Quora, Reddit, Yelp, and TripAdvisor are some of the most commonly used review websites on the World Wide Web. Business owners need to monitor these forums and sites regularly to get feedback. They can also use them as an opportunity to respond professionally and politely to any negative reviews.

Another advantage these sites offer is that if a business encourages its satisfied clients to leave a positive review, it’ll help boost its credibility.

2. Shape Your Business’s Online Presence in the Best Way

Whenever a business focuses on building its online presence, it practices a very proactive way of improving and molding its online reputation. Establishing a web presence first involves making and maintaining a website. You’ll also need a blog and social media profiles to help share and showcase the business’s achievements, expertise, and values.

One of the most important skills you can get from learning how to monitor online presence is content creation. Generating and sharing valuable content is important for your online reputation. These contents should aim to entertain, inspire, or educate your target audience.

In business reputation management, infographics, podcasts, articles, and videos are valuable content companies should create. Engaging with clients, followers, or fans is necessary to build a reputable online presence. You’ll need to rely on these fantastic ways to monitor your online reputation, so be sure to apply them.

3. Set Up and Utilize Google Alerts

The beauty of Google Alerts is that it’s a free tool readily available for anyone who wants to use it. It lets you track keywords and mentions of your name or brand. People can even customize the language of the alerts, frequency, and sources, and they can opt to receive the alert via RSS feed or email.

Google Alerts can help businesses easily spot negative or positive reviews, social media posts, blog comments pertaining to you or competitors, or news articles. Users can also discover relevant trends, influencers, or topics related to their niche or industry.

4. Build a Feedback System for Your Business

A feedback system creates a way for you to gather and manage the feedback your stakeholders or clients have given. Your feedback can then be used to improve your processes, products, or services. As a result of making things better, the satisfaction level and loyalty of those you aim to please will be enhanced.

“What are the inclusions of a feedback system,” you may ask. Well, it can include comments, questionnaires, surveys, polls, or ratings. You can utilize tools for this task, like Google Forms, SurveyMonkey, or Typeform, which you can efficiently distribute.

The most important thing to do regarding feedback systems is follow up on that feedback and apply necessary actions or changes.

Now That You Know How to Monitor Online Presence, It’s Time to Do It

It’s time to boost your business reputation management by applying what you’ve learned here. We wish you luck, and if you want to read up on more topics about reputation management, then read “The Excellent Benefits of Business Reputation Management.”

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