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Do you need help with what lighting design to set up in your garden? With countless lighting fixtures available on the market, you can do lots with them. Let Picket Fences Lighting recommend you the best lighting setups that work best for your garden.

Part of investing in a landscape is putting on the best-looking lighting arrangements. Landscape lighting usually utilizes low-voltage bulbs. Reasonably so, 120-volt systems are too risky, especially when exposed to extreme weather conditions.

The best part of having outdoor lighting in your landscape is the limitless effects that are at play. Low-voltage lighting systems, however, are the best ones to work with. They’re safer and will cost less to install. Low-voltage lights are also reliant on step-down power transformers.

Other effects can be achieved after all the basics of having good landscape lighting fixtures. To make it happen, Picket Fences Lighting will help suggest some lighting design ideas.

Fetching Façade

The lighting fixtures are placed approximately a foot from the house’s foundation. It directly focuses on the appealing architectural elements of the house. This mainly works with colonial-style houses with columns, deep eaves, and dormers.

Picket Fences Lighting cares about highlighting the details of your home. A recommended upward lighting fixture would be intrepid directional lights with at least 20-watt halogens.

Standout Trees

Trees can have a lasting impact on your garden’s aesthetic, and with the proper lighting, they can elevate the visual appeal of your landscaping. They only need a few 20-watt uplights for trees with a height of 20 feet.

The lighting needed for the trees in your garden will have to depend on their height. So the taller it is, for example, 50 feet, you need at least three to five fixtures with 35 to 50 watts each. A recommended lighting would be bullet accent lights containing 20-watt halogens.

Inviting Backyard

Your house’s façade and front lawn are not the only ones that matter regarding attractive lighting. Your backyard deserves some love, too. Downlights are best mounted on the trees, including upward-pointing well-light fixtures that highlight the tree branches. That setup will surely make the back porch or swing inviting.

Glowing Garden

Illuminating a flowerbed requires a type of lighting fixture taller than the plants, especially if succulents are planted. You would need standing lamps with an 18-watt bulb to showcase them effectively. This is effective for a garden without overly tall and crowded shrubs, which can hide the lighting.

Patio Party

The full moon only comes occasionally, and we can’t rely on it to brighten any open space. It won’t hurt to have extra illumination on your patio to create a homey and relaxing atmosphere. Having a strategic setup of lighting fixtures in your patio, you can host intimate parties anytime and have a barbecue with enough lights nearby.

Mood setting is also necessary even in outdoor spaces, and tree-mounted lights are suitable for creating a homey atmosphere. The best lighting fixture for the patio would be a lunar downlight with a 20-watt halogen.

Have your lighting design ideas come to life with Picket Fences Lighting!

Helping clients increase the beauty and value of their homes is the top priority of Picket Fences Lighting. Along with caring about the details, the company is detail-oriented and will go all out to satisfy clients.

Your home’s exterior needs an upgrade too, and with the help of Picket Fences Lighting, all your outdoor spaces get a chance. Picture your home being too dark and gloomy in the early night and looking lifeless. Strategic lighting can transform your home’s exterior to become unbelievably beautiful.

The company specializes in landscape lighting design, other than typical outdoor services. Picket Fences Lighting guarantees customer satisfaction in all areas of its services. Ensuring the goals and needs of the project are always meant to be fulfilled. With thorough consultations, the Picket Fence Lighting crew provides efficient solutions according to client’s needs.

Make your lighting design happen with Picket Fence Lighting today!

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