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Are you hesitating if growing houseplants is for you? Do you find it intimidating seeing other people turn out beautiful and healthy indoor plants? Then you need to check out this article.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to be born with a “green thumb.” If you don’t have much knowledge of how to grow plants, much less any background on how to take care of one, then you’d probably be beset by the gloom of helplessness right now. Take heart, though, because all is not lost. If you have your heart set on growing plants, there are ways that your plants could grow and survive without you needing to be a green thumb!

Nowadays, it doesn’t take a “green-thumber” person to make it in the gardening world. You could have all the colors in your thumb, and your chosen plants could still thrive and flourish.  

Why do a project out of indoor plants?

There are many benefits indoor plants can offer to their owners. These benefits led many people to make do and invest time and effort in selecting and maintaining houseplants. 

Ever since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, indoor plant care has been the rage because of the physical and emotional wellness it brought to lockdown residents, which leads to the top benefit indoor plants bring – improved air quality. COVID-19 is a respiratory-type disease; hence, clean indoor air has become essential to residents. 

A NASA study has shown that plants clean and improve overall air quality in a closed, limited environment. Plants can absorb carbon dioxide and replace “dirty” air with fresh and pure oxygen. So, go for the more prominent and leafier plants for that crisp, clean air! 

Another benefit of indoor plant care is that houseplants help reduce stress and improve overall well-being. Much research shows houseplants’ effect on residents’ psychological and physiological well-being. Watering and tending to plants boosts a sense of relaxation, decreases or suppresses abnormal diastolic blood pressure, and relaxes the sympathetic nervous system. Or something as simple as putting a plant beside your computer can do wonders to your mental health – not to mention the fantastic effect the greens have on your eyes! 

Tips on Caring for Houseplants

Own it! Yes, you, too, could be at par with someone who’s a green thumb. It’s about feeling your plants’ needs, paying attention to changes, and being consistent throughout the care and maintenance process. 

If you’re bent on having that indoor garden or filling up your house with big, leafy greens, the good news is that plants come in two different maintenance types: high and low. The high-maintenance plants are for those risk-takers plant lovers who can afford to spend time, attention, money, or effort raising plants. Low maintenance plants are those plants that can survive and thrive in local conditions or plants that can grow with less supervision and care.  

If your plants belong to either of these two groups, here are some helpful tips to ensure good plant growth.

Watering Regularly

This one is a no-brainer – all plants need water to grow and survive. Be careful, though, because houseplants have different watering requirements. Some low-maintenance plants require less watering, such as cacti or succulents. Others are on an as-needed basis. A general rule is to check the soil ½ to 1 inch from the top. If this top portion feels dry, then watering is required. The soil should be moist and should not feel too dry or overwatered. Plants with thicker and lush leaves need more water than plants with leathery leaves. 

A good indication that plants need water is when the soil becomes lighter in color or seems to start to crack. Ensure that there is no standing water; get rid of standing water at once because this can kill the plant. 

Re-pot Houseplants

Plants need room to grow. If a plant gets too big for its container, it becomes stunted and can even get stressed out. It could also suffer from fewer nutrients. So, re-pot plant as necessary. 

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Choose the Right Light Spot for Your Plants

Plants also have different natural light requirements. Some low-maintenance plants can tolerate low light longer, such as snake plants. Other plants prefer or can tolerate bright or direct sunlight. But if the sun gets too hot and intense, consider adding a sheer screen or curtain to help diffuse the direct hit of the sun a bit. 

Fertilizing Houseplants

Plant fertilizer is essential to plant growth. Fertilizers ensure that plants receive the needed nutrients to grow and survive. 

Be careful when choosing the right fertilizer for your plants, and follow label directions, especially on the quantity to use. Like overwatering, too much fertilizer can stunt a plant’s growth. 

Key Takeaway

Knowing your requirements for having a plant or why you need to dive into indoor gardening or growing houseplants is essential. Houseplants significantly contribute to any indoor space, whether for work, residential purposes, or even purely for aesthetic reasons.

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