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Janitorial staff is often seen as lesser workers and irrelevant in general. But when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world by storm, we began to realize how vital they are in keeping sanitation in check. Appreciating them as they maintain a clean environment is a must.

Janitors, cleaning staff, housekeeping, custodian, and utility people are just standard terms that sum up the essential profession seen in a new light after the pandemic struck worldwide. Yes, we can remember our healthcare professionals’ efforts and sacrifices, but the janitorial staff is equally crucial in keeping the virus and other bacteria at bay.

People often overlook the fresh bags replaced in every garbage bin or how sinks and water closets are squeaky clean. It’s hard for some of us to notice the tiny details like refilled soap dispensers and mirrors free of makeup smudge. They may not be significant for people who are too busy to care, but it’s high time that we do – now that we see how janitorial staff are slowly recognized and even classified as essential workers. To define them as such may also be too late, as they have always been, even before the worldwide pandemic.

Ways to show appreciation to the janitorial staff

Aside from giving your thanks every time they do their job, there are many creative ways to let the janitorial staff know they are appreciated. You could try the following examples:

Organize a party or get-together

Even though things have slowly gotten back to normal, it still pays to be extra safe no matter the occasion; especially when the virus and its variants are still at large. Cases are still rising as well, so prevention is better than cure. So when you plan a gathering for the janitorial staff, ensure that the crowd is limited, with proper safety measures implemented so you will avoid ending up as numbers on the statistics. Having the party outdoors is preferable since the spread will be manageable, and everyone can still have fun.

Give some gift bags

Be creative with what each gift bags contain. For example, daily essentials they might lack or fancy personal hygiene products are good gifts to give. It could even be a basket of grocery items they can use to cook food at home. This is an excellent option if gatherings are still restricted where you live, or the staff prefers to avoid attending mass gatherings.

A unique social media shout-out.

Short, creative videos to shout-outs from different employees are great non-monetary gifts to show appreciation to your janitorial staff. This also helps people know online that janitors are appreciated and deserve to be recognized wherever the platform may be.

Hand-written notes and letters

Nothing beats handwritten notes and letters if you want to give your sincerest thanks to the janitorial staff. It’s a different feeling when you read a letter specifically for you, full of words that express gratitude. It may be time-consuming sometimes, but the effort is greatly acknowledged and boosts the staff members’ morale.

Unexpected PTOs

Giving janitorial staff the rest days they deserve is one of the best ways to show appreciation. Some have been working nonstop without much rest and earn a day or two of relaxation. During their rest days, they get to have fun or stay at home and sleep through the day without stressing much about work. Surprising them with PTOs, especially if you’re their superior, is one of the best gestures you can do for those who have worked tirelessly for you.

The janitorial staff as modern-day heroes

COVID-19 has been an unpredictable threat that everyone has been battling ever since it started. Now that people see their significance, everyone has to show them how valued they are in little ways. Their seemingly small role plays one of the most crucial parts in keeping the world going.

Critical areas like hospitals, offices, and malls can’t operate smoothly if not for the janitorial staff ensuring the sanitation of the whole place. Exceptional circumstances have made us change our perspective, particularly in the way we see “low-skilled laborers” who have always been the backbone of every industry existing.

ACS Affordable Cleaning Services: where every janitorial staff is valued

Doing their part as janitorial staff deserves all the commendation they could get, considering the time and effort they’ve given to keep every surface clean and safe. ACS Affordable Cleaning Services offer commercial janitorial Service in Iowa, with a wide variety of services like the following:

  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Residential Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Property Management Services
  • Post Construction Cleanup
  • Moving in/out Services
  • COVID Cleaning

We guarantee absolute satisfaction for every client because we stand by our commitment to quality cleaning. With thorough documentation from start to finish, and the cleaning is done by expertly trained staff, you get the best results from the way we clean. The best part about working with ACS Commercial Services is that we value our janitorial staff well because on-site cleaning requires the utmost safety measures. We keep our team safe and ensure that they are taken care of.

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