People usually spend most of their time at their houses. They’re usually in their most vulnerable or weakest states at home – sleeping, bathing, or simply relaxing. Hence, if there’s a single place that needs to make them feel safe and their belongings secure, it’s definitely the house. And what better way to ensure that it’s safe than by purchasing a good lock to secure it. Locks allow people to move freely and stress-free at their houses.

The Buying Guide for Locks

When people are looking into purchasing a lock, they need to make sure that they’re getting the best value and safety for their money. They need to buy locks that will protect their properties and make sure that their houses won’t be easily broken into. However, the number of locks available on the market can be overwhelming and confusing. This list aims to help anyone in need by providing details on the most common types of locks.

1. Digital Door Locks

With the advancements in technology, unique types of locks are being invented. People purchase digital door locks because they’re easy to install and suitable for buildings that need more reliable means of access. This lock is typically used in schools and hospitals for extra protection. These locks are easy to fit and install since they are self-contained. They don’t require additional requirements and are suitable for small-budget systems. Additionally, if anything goes wrong with the lock, they can be reprogrammed anything which makes them convenient to use.

2. Padlocks

Padlocks are one of the most typical types of locks people use. These locks can be fixed to doors, gates, chains, or any spaces that need to be attached or locked in order to prevent theft. Padlocks usually come in different sizes and styles that better fit their needs. Among all types of locks, they are perhaps the easiest to purchase. However, they come with keys that can be lost easily or combination dials that need a sequence of numbers to remember. They may also come with some inconveniences with them. But if ever one ends up getting locked out and unable to open these locks, bolt cutters can open them easily.

3. Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt locks are suitable for external security since they offer a pretty good degree of safety against forced entries. These locks operate via lock bolts that move by turning a key or access control without the use of springs. And since they aren’t spring-activates, they offer tighter security since these locks can’t be forcefully opened with knives or cards inserted at the door’s gap. Deadbolt locks work best on solid wood, steel, or glass doors because they aren’t easily battered, thus preventing force entries.

4. Cylinder Locks

Cylinder locks include keyholes and work with an internal locking mechanism of the cylinder. These locks also have pins with varying lengths and sizes that can be unlocked with the correct key. Many people prefer cylinder locks because they are easy to install and are highly resistant to hammering or prying with their rotating pins and hardened steel inserts. Their hardened steel bolts made by heavy-gauge steel also provide maximum protection from forced entry.

These locks are basically similar to deadbolt locks when it comes to their mechanisms and the protection their bolts offer. The only difference is in their installation. Deadbolt locks are bulkier compared to the cylinder locks since they still contain the deadbolt and the latch, while cylinders only have space for the key to be inserted.

5. Lever Handle Locks

Lever handle locks are commonly seen on indoor doors in commercial settings, usually on offices or hospital doors. They are similar to regular door handles, only that they have keyholes for the doors to be locked and unlocked. These locks are said to be famous for easy handicap access. However, they can be opened forcefully. But manufacturers are trying to counter this by adding a clutch mechanism to the lock in order to prevent pressure from damaging the lock structure.

Beyond these, there are more types of lock people can choose from, only that these are the most commonly used and trusted by other people. Additionally, besides the door lock itself, they also need to take care of their keys for their protection. Hence, if they’re looking for a mobile locksmith service in Mira Mesa, San Marcos, or Carlsbad, they can check out the Infinity Key Locksmith company.

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