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Handwriting Consultants International offers graphology services for individuals and companies to help provide esteem and professionalism to important letters and the like.

While automated, computer-generated letters and fonts are fast becoming the norm these days, there is still an outsized appeal, a yearning for a more artistic and human-centric style. 

Handwritten letters stand out very much in the sea of procedurally generated products. While there is still an ongoing debate as to whether or not AI algorithms are stealing art from human artists (they explicitly are), there is no denying the charm and the aesthetic draw of well-executed handwriting. Just put it this way, would you rather have a thousand iterations of the same thing done on a computer or a unique and labored-upon handwritten letter?

For professionals and those standing adjacent to business and similar industries, handwriting analysis is an excellent way to present a legitimate and authentic front, giving off a highly professional and classic style, especially in a convention setting, where booths and kiosks are available for advertising (which is a marvelous opportunity to showcase your company or business’s character and image).

With the customer-tailored and exquisite graphology services that Handwriting Consultants International offers, your postcards, brochures, letters, etc., will certainly pop out and stand out from the ever-growing crowd. With handwritten placards, text boxes, and the like, your products are sure to get a second glance.

Handwriting Consultants Are for Individuals Too

Beyond helping businesses and companies develop alternative forms of promotion, handwriting consultants can analyze individual and personal handwriting to give you a better profile of yourself and the way your character influences your handwriting.

While there are handwriting experts that can expertly mimic other people’s handwriting, they are quite a few, and in between and to the little there are, further analyses of their forgeries from experts at a similar level can quickly distinguish which one is their work and which one is yours. This means that every style of writing is unique to the individual and can never be truly copied. 

An analysis of one person’s handwriting style can uncover several details specific to one’s character and approach, which can help develop a personality profile from just an adequate number of sample handwriting alone.

This is something to be remembered: the way the fingers manipulate the pen or medium, the intensity with which one applies pressure, the thickness or thinness of strokes, etc.—these are all elements that factor into what the outcome will be. Although it is often subconscious, an individual writer has a list of ingrained preferences in how they write specific letters and numbers; these, in turn, affect their writing and handwriting process. As handwriting consultants and experts sometimes say, “Each pen stroke hides something different.”

How Accurate Can A Handwriting Analysis Get?

More than a hundred characteristics can be gleaned from an adequate sample of handwriting. This is not only beneficial for the analyst to determine one’s character but also helpful to the individual being analyzed since this provides an unbiased and evidential body of information to establish a framework for improvement. The accuracy of handwriting analysis stems from the fact that it is quite difficult to self-sabotage your handwriting, so any sample you provide will always provide results.

Another way that handwriting analysis is accurate is when compared to normal personality tests like the Myers-Brigg. With questioning and multiple choices, these types of tests can easily be “gamed” or interpreted to provide a more flattering outcome or profile–but with handwriting analysis, it is more difficult to be dishonest or self-aggrandizing. Even just a single page’s worth of handwriting can already yield a wealth of information about the writer’s personality and character.

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