If a person is out looking for the perfect carpet floor covering, it can be quite overwhelming to choose from the various styles and designs of carpets. That’s when carpet sales and installation company, Don Nash Flooring, steps in to assist the buyer in making the right choice for their floor covering needs. Don Nash Flooring has been in operation since 1978 as the leading company in Ham Lake, Minnesota, providing carpet needs with different types of carpet on the market in Minnesota to choose from and providing expert installation service in ensuring that the carpet of choice meets the requirement of the homeowner. 

Choosing Carpets

Don Nash Flooring carpet professionals help their clients identify and select the right carpet that fits best in their home. Their industry experts have a good understanding and exposure to floor coverings. The company also has mobile carpet sales where they bring samples coming from major carpet mills direct to their client’s homes.

Carpets are considerably expensive, so it’s best to make the right decision when selecting one at the outset. But to the ordinary average Joe, how does one choose the right carpet?

Carpet Design

Carpets are meant to fit the room’s aesthetic value where they will be fitted and the homeowner’s personality or the person staying in that room. A carpet’s design includes its artwork, color, size, shape, and texture. A carpet’s design is also chosen depending on how the carpet is made to bring out the room’s ambiance. If the homeowner is seeking a cozier, homey atmosphere, a carpet that has a darker shade is recommended. Also, if the homeowner is after a lighter and airy ambiance, then carpets with lighter shades or colors are the best choice.

A carpet’s texture is the height of its synthetic fibers. Smooth, combed-like fibers are best for formal or proper settings, while twisted fibers are best suited for informal settings. When choosing a carpet’s design, it’s best to bring home a sample first, check and see how the carpet looks in natural and artificial light, and check how it looks against the other furniture before making a final decision.

Carpet Durability

Carpet durability is all about how long a carpet can stand the wear and tear of use and time. The lifespan, appearance, and function or performance of the carpet ultimately depends on the type of fiber used. Some of the basic carpet fiber types are wool, nylon, polyester, polypropylene, and acrylic. Wool is the most expensive type of fiber used in a carpet. It has excellent resilience to wear and tear and is considerably resistant to stain. Nylon comes next after wool. Costing a lot cheaper than wool, nylon is also significantly very durable, soil-resistant, and color resilient.

Polyester is known for its soft texture and is also color and soil resilient. Polypropylene is the choice for a commercial setting. It is also durable and water and stain-resistant. Acrylic fiber carpets are the cheapest choice for carpets and are easier to clean than wool. But acrylics also wear out quickly, making them not the number one choice for durability.  

Carpet Cost

A carpet’s price would also matter. Carpets are also often chosen according to their prices and the potential buyer’s budget. The costs would depend on the carpet’s durability or the type of fiber used. So if a potential buyer is on a budget and is looking for a carpet that’s affordable yet designed beautifully, they would tend to go for the cheaper-priced carpets on the market.

But scrimping on buying a carpet might not be the best way in choosing a carpet. Consider first the functionality of the carpet. The carpet might be priced cheap, manufactured with inexpensive fibers, but then consider how long the carpet will last once installed. The buyer might end up paying more for cleaning and maintenance in keeping the carpet in pristine condition in the long run than just paying upfront a one-time price that’s more expensive but then saves on expenses when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.


Choosing the right carpet might not seem to be an easy task, but with careful research and help from carpet professionals such as Don Nash Flooring, the buyer is guaranteed the perfect carpet purchase for their room, home, or office need! Don Nash Flooring is located at Ham Lake, Minnesota, with phone number (612) 210-2941. They’re open Mondays to Saturdays, from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM, and on Sundays from 2:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Call them now, and get the best deal on purchasing carpet and carpet installation services!

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