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Once the fall season gets into full swing, the trees start to change colors, and the air begins to get cold and crisp, there’s no stopping people from going out and enjoying this beautiful time of the year! To check the expected foot traffic bringing in wet tracks and lots of leaves, here’s what you can do to keep your house prepped up for autumn. 

Autumn or fall is probably one of the best times of the year. Known for its cooling temperatures, dewy mornings, and turning and falling leaves, the fall season is best spent outdoors before nature turns into that winter wonderland where people are forced to stay most of their time indoors. 

The fall season is also the shortest out of the four seasons. But that fact doesn’t hinder people from taking a hike in the great outdoors, going apple picking, carving jack-o’-lanterns in time for Halloween, and other fun fall festivities. That said, this time of the year is when the floors must be clean and well-maintained. 

Fall Hazards

There’s the case of dealing with muddy shoes, dirty floors, dried leaves coming in, and not to mention the bacteria that often comes along with the mud and dirt leaving traces on your indoor floor. If you’re not careful, your floor could become a breeding ground of harmful bacteria and diseases, such as E.coli and diarrheal diseases – all because somebody tracked and dragged their muddied shoes inside the house!

Of course, these “hideous” scenes should not hinder you from getting you indoors to look aesthetically and functionally ready for the autumn season. The dirty floors and soiled carpets are temporary setbacks that can be easily solved with some time-tested and proven floor maintenance methods during this time of the year. 


Protecting your floor during this season’s turning could be challenging but not impossible. Besides, you can’t just tell people to stay outside and keep away. The best you can do is to be proactive in keeping your indoors clean, safe, and healthy with these top caring tips:

Invest in Shoe Organizers  

An effective way to keep dirt and grime from going inside is to have a shoe organizer or rack placed right outside the door. This should encourage everyone coming in to remove and leave their shoes outside and make a habit out of them – a strict no-shoe policy inside the house. Shoe racks are also a great way to keep things organized, rather than leaving the shoes scattered outside, lest someone would trip and fall from one of them.   

Vacuum Regularly

Make vacuuming a part of your regular cleaning routine. As fall gets into full swing, you’ll need to clean your floors more often than usual, especially if you have carpets. The living room gets the most traffic; hence, it’s advisable to vacuum this area of the house at least twice a week. Frequent vacuuming enhances air quality by filtering the air from toxins or allergens outside. Also, this cleaning method helps to reduce dirt buildup, especially in carpet fibers.

People should vacuum hardwood floors every week. Carpeted floors need to be cleaned twice a week. And tiled floors, or if you have pets, need to be vacuumed almost daily. 

Use Outdoor Carpets or Protective Rugs

Carpets are a great touch-up to that interior design appeal, although cleaning them out can become quite challenging during the fall season. One of the best types of carpets that don’t sacrifice aesthetic taste is outdoor carpets or protective rugs. Outdoor carpets or protective rugs are typically made up of natural fibers that are fade and dirt resistant and are designed to be resilient against outdoor weather elements. They’re great for a house with lots of foot traffic and a perfect choice for homes with kids or pets. 

The best thing about outdoor carpets or rugs? They spruce up the look of your patio or deck, making it all the more inviting to spend some time outside. 

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The fall season shouldn’t just be about cleaning, getting anxious over dirt and mud, and spending most of your time locked away inside to keep your house pristine and in order. 

So, go ahead, and spend the day in the great outdoors with family and friends. Take a weekend trip together. Go on a forest hike or camping. Throw a Halloween party or have a bonfire in the backyard. 

Don’t let cleaning get in the way of having fun during this time. Get your floor fall-ready, and you’ll surely enjoy a fantastic autumn season! 

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