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Work with experts who have your best interest in mind. Work with a team who can help secure your future and give you peace of mind with smooth, convenient, and best legal reliefs and remedies.   

You would want to be prepared for the unexpected. 

What would happen to your family if you suddenly died or became incapacitated? Who will take care of them and ensure they’re in a good situation? What will happen to all the assets that you left behind? 

Or, what if you’re renting and you suddenly receive an eviction notice informing you to leave the property immediately or in a short amount of time? 

Or, how about you find yourself being harassed by a credit card collection agency with a debt you have no idea how came about? 

The next best thing to do in these scenarios is to call your lawyer and seek legal help and remedy. But wouldn’t it be better if you already have this kind of legal protection available on hand and ready as a backup? 

This is where the team of LegalShield comes in. For over 49 years, LegalShield has provided personalized legal services that have protected and empowered 4.5 million individuals and 140,000 businesses across North America. 

One of the pioneering companies in North America to provide legal plans, LegalShield offers convenience for people looking for those unexpected legal issues that could arise at any time of the day. The law firms run down of services include legal consultation, individual concerns from estate planning, real estate, family law, consumer finance, small businesses legal concerns, identity theft, and ID Shield Service in Oregon and all across North America. 

LegalShield has a long-standing partnership with high-quality law firms across the US and Canada, networking with qualified and expert lawyers accessible 24/7, especially in emergencies. 

Everyone deserves to be protected and with the best legal plan for protection. 

What Legal Plans Can Offer You

The COVID-19 pandemic boosts the economy’s need for accessibility in almost all sectors; that’s why everyone turned to remote and online services. Online legal services took the spotlight as clients seek convenience and smooth process delivery in the face of physical law firms’ closures. Hence, the acceleration of prepaid legal plan services. 

Prepaid legal plans are paid-up membership plans that allow members timely and easy access to a team of lawyers, depending on the type of legal concerns. 

If you’re considering to avail this kind of service, here are some of the top benefits you’ll be gaining.


The cost-saving factor is the most significant benefit an individual or a business could gain from taking advantage of a legal plan subscription. Rather than paying for the total amount each time you’re in immediate need of legal assistance, legal plans typically come in packages. 

A single hour of consultation with a lawyer costs between $150-$400. At LegalShield, monthly membership fees for an all-inclusive plan start at $29.95 for individuals and $49 for small businesses and already cover many essential legal services. 

Specialized Legal Service

The scope and access to lawyers in different practicing fields are extensive in legal plans. Most firms offering this service have already established partnerships with several law firms across the country, making their business readily available to their clients anywhere and anytime. 

This scope also provides access to lawyers with different specializations. Are you looking for bankruptcy, probate, or an estate lawyer? You’re guaranteed that legal plans can provide this for you!

Proactive Planning

Legal plans can allow you to plan and prepare for the future. This will give clients peace of mind knowing that if anything happens to them, their family, home, and properties will be in good hands. 

And how about those emergency instances, such as getting arrested or you’ve figured in an auto accident, etc.? Rather than going to trouble in looking for an available lawyer in the middle of the night, proactively availing of a prepaid legal plan gives you the assurance that you have legal help on standby and readily available 24/7.       

LegalShield Gets You One Step Ahead

Some things in life couldn’t be done and accomplished without the aid of an expert and licensed attorney; hence, you need to have the right go-to legal partner. LegalShield gets you prepared and ahead of any future legal problems. 

For reasonably priced online legal services and plans for individuals and businesses, and with stellar 24/7 convenient support, contact the LegalShield team at (503) 750-2883, or click the link LegalShield.    

Live worry-free, prepare for the unexpected, and get one step ahead. 

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