One of the convenient and cost-effective ways of leveling up the home interior is by installing drywall or wall texturing. Drywall is a calcium sulfate dihydrate panel commonly used in interior ceilings and walls construction. Drywall is known by other names: gypsum panels or boards, wallboards, buster boards, sheetrock, and the like. One Handy Haole offers one of the best drywall/texturing services in Maui Island, and any other home repair or home improvement jobs on the entire island of Maui. 

Primarily used for home improvement, there are a lot of value-added benefits when using drywalls. Due to its calcium sulfate component, add in a water mixture, and drywalls then become resistant to fire. Significant savings also come with a drywall installation since the process costs less than other walls or ceiling smoothing methods. Drywalls can be permanent or temporarily installed, but either way, they are easily repairable or replaceable. And the homeowner can get creative later on with the aesthetics of the wall’s texture.

Tips of the Trade

Although drywalls are fast and easy to install compared with the other panel covering, unless the homeowner is a pro or has experience installing drywalls, better call up the local handyman service. But if the homeowner is willing to roll up their sleeves and do some DIY elbow grease work, here are some tips for installing drywall. 

Knowing the Right Tools 

The best thing about installing drywall is that the tools used are easy to find and inexpensive. Some of the commonly used hand tools for installing drywall include chalk line, measuring tape, inside corner tool, measuring tape, keyhole saw, sponge, surform, tin snips and drill, sanding pole, spiral saw, screw gun, drywall saw, 4-foot T-square, stilts, power pole sander, power mixer, and panel lifter.  

Framing and Supporting the Drywall

The success of drywall installation depends upon its framing or how it is being supported when it is being installed. It is advisable to always inspect the frame before hanging the drywall. Check along the edges and top of the walls running along the edge of the frame. Ideally, there should be a 1-inch space in the framing corners. The walls should also be flat, and rafters are utilized to make the frame flat. 

Covering Cracks

A repair spray is probably one of the best hacks for covering up cracks due to the framing work and is usually found around door and window openings. A repair spray stretches the life of the wall with breaks found in it. To begin the repair process, fill the crack first with a patching compound and follow the instructions on the repair spray. Once the spray compound is dry, cover and layer with up with paint so that it remains hidden.  

Drywall Taping

Drywall taping is also essential in the drywall installation process. This taping process conceals screws, nails and helps strengthen joints. Paper tapes were previously used in securing drywall joints. But now, fiberglass mesh tapes replace paper tapes as the more robust and easier ones to use for drywalls. The drywall taping process covers all the joints inside and outside corners with the tape, paying particular attention to the outside corners. Use a spackle knife when pressing the tape within the corners fully and to make the tape lie flat on the surfaces. 

Using Stick-On Patches

There are cracks, and then there are holes. This time for holes, particularly midsize or doorknob-sized holes, stick-on mesh patches is probably the best hack to cover these holes up. Before patching them up, clean the wall’s surface first, sanding it as necessary. Then stick on the patch to cover the spot, and then finish it up by covering it with at least two layers of joint compound. 

These are just a few tips when doing a DIY drywall installation. There are, of course, handyman services out there who are very much prepared to do the nitty-gritty of drywall installing. One Handy Haole offers drywall installation service at an affordable rate. With their skilled and expert handymen, their customers are guaranteed to expect nothing but exceptional results and services for home repair and home improvement jobs.  One Handy Haole is located at 3604 Pahala St., Makawao, HI, with phone number (808) 425-2201. They’re open from Mondays to Fridays, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Call them up now, and get free estimates on their handymen services! 

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