Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a theory about motivation that states how human actions are motivated by five categories of needs. In this theory, safety and security come in second. This means that humans consider these as the second most important need to satisfy right after their physiological needs.

One of the most common threats against safety is burglaries. Home burglaries, specifically, are a fairly common crime that happens more often than you think. Knowing this, you’d think people pay more attention to protecting their homes. However, it seems as though people have learned to settle on the bare minimum in securing their properties.

On average, 2.5 million burglaries occur every year. 65% of these are done by burglars who are already well-acquainted with the people they’re planning to rob. This stresses the importance of also securing drawers or boxes inside the house that contain valuables. Furthermore, statistics show that only 12% of burglaries are planned. Burglars are less likely to trail around your house and study its every feature. Instead, they steal from houses that aren’t tightly secured.

Knowing these numbers, it pays off to contact a professional locksmith. Someone offering services ranging from the usual lock installations to extra protection.

What is a locksmith?

Locksmiths are skilled and trained workmen who specialize in repairing, adjusting, and installing residential, commercial, and automotive locks. Locksmiths also work on duplicating keys, bypassing locks when authorized, and changing lock combinations.

Why is it important to choose a trustworthy locksmith?

As someone who will be working on something that will secure your house, it’s common sense to hire someone you can trust. For something substantial, you need to work with someone that you know for sure won’t mess up.

Infinity Key Locksmith is your trusted emergency locksmith in Miramar and many more cities that offer assistance to your residential and commercial lock and key needs. They are a mobile service that supplies cost-effective solutions to any lock and key issue you may have.

What services does Infinity Key Locksmith offer?

Infinity Key Locksmith services offer a wide variety of services fitting almost any of your needs. This includes:

Car Lockout: If you left your car key inside or perhaps dropped it in the sewer grate while fishing it out of your pocket, Infinity Key Locksmith can unlock your vehicle – no matter the type, no matter the situation.

Residential and Commercial Lockout: If you’re locked outside your house or workplace with no means of getting in, they can open your door for you in an hour or less. You don’t need to worry about getting a key replacement, as Infinity Key can also make you a new one.

Rekey or Replacement of Existing Locks: Infinity Key’s skilled technicians have the capabilities to assess your lock or key issues and carry out the correct solution. This applies to whether you need new locks or simply need to rekey.

Lock Repair: If your lock broke or got damaged, and you’re having problems opening it, their technicians can repair your doors and locks for you.

Padlock Removal: Infinity Key Locksmith doesn’t just work with the traditional lock and key. If you lost the keys to your padlock or storage locker, they could remove the lock for you.

Door Hardware Installation: Infinity Key can install any necessary locks for you. Whether it be deadbolts, doorknobs, door pulls, or digital keypads, they can install it for you.

Additional Door Security: This locksmith company goes beyond its responsibilities. They can help you install additional latches or smart locks that help secure your place further.

The safety and security of your home are important. If you want to feel very secure and protected inside your house, you may avail of their services. See if they have branches near your place and consult them about your needs.

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