If you are looking for a quality roof repair in Ogden, Utah, you need to look at these ten features of a good roofing contractor.





Years in the Business



Experience is an excellent indicator of a good business. The longer a specific company is in the industry, the better. You can’t that long if you’re not giving quality products or services. Great Western Roofing has been in roof installation and roof repair in Ogden, Utah, for over 20 good years.



A Superb Reputation



There are roofing companies, and there’s THE roofing company. But how do you spot the one roofing contractor you should seek? You look for the one with a spotless reputation. Ask around. Go great establishments and beautiful residences. Listen to recommendations from friends and family. In Ogden, Utah, and nearby areas, they only talk of Great Western Roofing.



Business License, Etc.



Of course, experience and reputation are never enough when doing business. You must do it with a registered, licensed company with liability insurance and workers’ compensation. An excellent roofing company is a legit and honest company. Great Western Roofing holds a BuildZoom score of 90, proof that they are licensed and registered.



Top Quality Materials



When it comes to roofing services and solutions, you would want only the top-of-the-line materials for your home or business establishment. Durability, functionality, style, and affordability are things we look for in our roofs. Make sure your roofing contractor can provide that for you. Look for a company that works with great brands and wide product choices.



Provides Warranties



A great roofing company can provide guarantees and warranties. They are proof of integrity. Guaranteed and warranties should be both on the materials and workmanship. You can discuss that with your roofing contractor before the project starts. You can also ask them for samples of materials and photos or videos of past projects.



Technology and Skills



A great roofing contractor should have highly-trained staff and experts at what they do. You can inquire about the tools they are using and the technology they have to ensure that installation or repair of your roof is done only by the best people with best practices and technology. Great Western Roofing has both.



Informative Website



Nowadays, we always refer online for products and services that we desire. When looking for a roofing contractor online, look for a website that has the complete information and essential details- address, contact numbers, blogs, pictures and videos of past projects, customer reviews, comments and forums, and if possible, business ratings.



Great Client Reviews



Speaking of customer reviews, you should consider researching more about a company’s performance by looking for reviews on their website and social media platforms, business forums, and legit business review sites. Great Western Roofing has enjoyed positive client reviews for two decades now.



Polite Staff and Crew



First impression lasts. And they speak a lot about a company. Always look for a company with polite, courteous and competent staff. When meeting your contractor or their technicians for the first time, punctuality and knowledge of tasks are two qualities you should seek. They can tell you about the quality of work you can expect from them.



Endorsed Personally



We have already discussed reputation, reviews, and warranty. These are all great ways to spot a great roofing contractor. Wouldn’t it be great if you could confirm all these with a personal recommendation? Perhaps ask someone who has actually experienced working with the company, a friend, or a family.



Great Western Roofing has been the leading service company for roof installation, replacement, and repair in Ogden, Utah, and nearby areas. For over 20 years, they have provided quality materials, a wide array of quality roofing services, polite staff, and highly trained experts armed only with the latest in roofing technology.



You can reach them at (801) 814-4647, or you can visit their website for more details and information. Great Western Roofing is open for business on Mondays through Fridays from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. They also serve on weekends by appointment.


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