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Drywalls typically blend in the room and are not worth a second look. We will list down varied trendy drywall textures you can try and match with your home’s aesthetic. And with the help of One Handy Haole, texturizing drywall is easier.

Modern walls now have plain, flat surfaces to blend into a space rather than make them stand out. However, you should know a textured drywall’s impact on the area. Whether it’s to showcase an accent wall or a cover-up for minor issues, drywall textures can be a great addition.

Texturizing drywalls needs a professional’s handiwork. With One Handy Haole’s drywall/texturing services in Maui Island, you will never settle for less because of their renowned skill in home improvements. Their services are also accessible and affordable, which results in customer satisfaction and multiple returning service requests. One handy Haole also guarantees their 20 years of expertise in drywall/texturing in ensuring quality work.

Here are some of their specialized services:

  • Tape & float drywall repair
  • Interior plastering & plaster repair
  • Patching and matching texture
  • Water damaged drywall repair
  • Resurfacing and texture change
  • Remodeling

One Handy Haole protects the client’s property when they enter your home. Not only do they implement the best quality pre-service measures, but they also do clean-up protocols, leaving your home clean and brand new. Wherever you are on Maui Island, trust in the reliable and excellent services provided by One Handy Haole.

List of drywall textures you should try

When adding drywall textures, here are a few things to remember: visual weight, range, and style. These characteristics affect the user’s senses and even create a direction in which the room’s overall tone is headed. But whether or not you have decided what to put on your home’s drywall, these are trendy texture styles perfect for specific matching areas.


The knockdown style grew into a popular wall texture due to the simplicity of its application. It evokes a warm texture that adds much surface depth. Applying this texture requires a similar method to the typical walling. The best thing about the knockdown is how it fits in any room and looks best in any Mediterranean home.

Orange Peel

Aside from the knockdown, the orange peel style is also famous for drywall texture. It also has the same application method via paint roller or spray gun, which makes it easier and more accessible to get done. The result looks and feels like a citrus rind, where the name of the style was derived from. What the orange peel offers, though, is an understated accent to the space – a bit extra, but not too much.

Textured Concrete

Textured concrete is a subtle style mostly applied in modern or industrial rooms. It mimics the look of unfinished concrete full of bumps and linear traces. The textured concrete style is typically seen in basement walls, although it looks best in living rooms. Even if it’s not pure concrete, this drywall texture can still be an aesthetically pleasing addition to any modern space, perfectly matching several rooms more than a flat wall ever could.

Sand Swirl

You could never go wrong with having a sand swirl as your chosen drywall texture. When applied, it will look like an ocean flowing along your walls. Its thick finish is due to the rough sand in the mix, making an extremely bold statement that impacts your home. The sand swirl is suitable for large areas but can still be an appropriate texture style for smaller spaces.

Skip Trowel

Only experienced professionals in the skip trowel style can do it right. It is quite a complex process, with little to no room for error for the entire look to be well-done. However, the result is worth it since the drywall texture imitates stucco well enough. It also helps cover walling imperfections and adds a bit of flair and personality to the space.

Slap Brush

The slap brush texture is a perfect match for craftsman-style or rustic houses. Its subtle but unique surface look won’t overpower the room, making it the right drywall texture to pair with soft and dainty cottage interior styles. Applying the slap brush is also fun to do, and it can look erratic but still coherent due to the texture’s resemblance to a rigid sunburst.

Do you really need drywall textures?

Smooth walls usually depend on where you live. If the trend applies, your home will indeed reflect what’s in. However, your home reflects who you are and will always be up to you. Homeowners hiring professionals for various home improvement projects need to follow the trend. This list gives you many options for how you want your home to have a unique character.

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